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l'├ępices exotiques

Sunday, November 3, 2013

lanterns photo F1000007-3_zpsc395911e.jpg

lil india photo F1000021-3_zps17b50276.jpg

 photo F1000024-3_zps81f1fe55.jpg

 photo F1000002-3_zps0ab69e9b.jpg

I'm guilty of this: the first things that come to mind when I think 'singapore' are artificially lit soulless mall interiors, characterless mrt stations, the numerous shiny icons of global proportions, dry wide streets, endless queueing, and walking miles and miles with my groceries in tow. And MOST of the time that's enough to drain me completely of all energy, inspiration and enthusiasm.

But then, once in a while, somehow, from somewhere, I am able to muster an extra ounce of energy and determination to explore beyond these same-y confines. These excursions are always spontaneous, with no definite plan, no clear destination and absolutely no expectations. For those few little hours, the only plan is to kill some time, explore a new nook of this island and maybe in the process: get lost!

I guess it's the same, wherever you live. It's easy to let your everyday surroundings cave in on you. But these little excursions help. They almost say: 'there is a world out there, full of different colorful and exciting humans whose existence and preoccupations are nothing like yours. Do you really have a reason to stress and worry?'

Months later, I process the roll of film I happened to have at the time, and relive the experience. It's different this time, the sense of wonder and appreciation hits harder and deeper. The moments have been solidified and captured, frozen in each frame.

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my little piece of heaven

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 photo Apartment-3_zpse6fa0373.jpg

 photo Apartment-1_zps4f65f04a.jpg

 photo Apartment-4_zpsc415a1fd.jpg

 photo Apartment-6_zps66dc1488.jpg

 photo Apartment-8_zps572fc4a2.jpg

One-and-a-half years ago, I moved into this apartment. Some of you may remember my first nights; a completely empty space, blank walls and no lights. Sleeping on the floor.
This is that same apartment now. A space that I want to rush back to after long hours of work. Literally a conglomeration of pieces from all over the world, that's constantly evolving. I can't wait to share more moments in it.

p.s. Now I can finally say, I can co-exist with pot plants. Though, unfortunately, the lives of four plants were compromised in the process. Ironically enough, now it's just not home without them.

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reindeer says: merry christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We're making new traditions here.
It's a tropical Christmas. In Singapore.
Overcrowding the apartment, packing it full of family.
With plans on covering all the newest touristy sights i've been intending to check out all year.
Found reindeers at Gardens by the Bay.
Had the most appropriately local Christmas Eve dinner EVER with Crabs as Turkey, fresh coconuts as mulled wine, plus, an entourage of many many sea friends!
We're having a blast here. Hope you are too.

Merry Christmas All!

And it's morning.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's been ten sleeps since New Years Day. And if any of you would like to know..... our resolutions are happily incomplete - sitting inside a .doc file on my computer desktop. But we're optimistic. Good honest resolutions are like fine wines.

Amanda's been working her butt off in a little island called Singapore. And me, well ..... I've been around? Hung out in Singapore and China in November and spent Christmas in Sydney. Now i'm back home in Auckland for a short while.

But more importantly, you and I, we have hell of a lot to catch up on. Like, what on earth have you been up to, where the hell are you and what on earth is going on?
Andwhyhaventyou returned our calls?

Let's try to start the year with a clean slate and everything on the table. Time to get that blogging muscle back in ship shape again.

Youth Lagoon - seventeen





Grid Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Muji
Sweats: Muji

1.Quiet Saturday morning in singapore's CBD.

"Not as fun as it looks."

Tuesday, November 29, 2011




Playsuit: Vintage
Shoes: Demonia
Bag: Deadly Ponies & eco sac
Sunglasses: cheap monday

whistle my own tune.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Magnetic Man - Flying into Tokyo





I'm so grateful to be able to spend such a long time in Singapore. So grateful to travel. So grateful to be exploring Shanghai and Beijing in a weeks time.

While the time now is filled with walks through Outram Park, exploring the charming little alleyways and discovering clues of a private urban life beneath the polished city skin; trips to the East Coast beaches and awakening my undiscovered appetite for crab (I swear, it's the Sponge Bob influence, I mean, I always thought that crabby patties sounded delicious!); and numerous to do lists organising the trip to China.

When you spend a long enough time out of your natural climate, you're bound to feel yourself changing, feel your new surroundings seeping in and influencing, either for the good or the bad. With no time, no space, not ready to reflect or analyse. No chance to trace back that train of thought and make sense of it all. I just hope there will be time for that later.

Shirt: Cheap Monday
Skirt: random shop in Melacca
Sandals: Birkenstock
Bag: Longchamp
Visor: Daiso

Events, unrelated.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A series of random facts / news; almost completely unrelated, but significant to us.

+ Sitting in the Singapore apartment, looking out at the industrial scene of oil refineries and container ships, every few nights a week, a blaze at the Palau Bukom would be visible. Every time a small blaze appeared atop the tall chimneys, we would wonder, "Is this all part of a 'normal' day's work in the refineries?" or is this fire an outward sign of panic and alarm, silenced by the distance and isolation? Every time we were curious but brushed it off. One day last month, it set ablaze. This time the smoke streamed straight into the sky, grew thick, dense, dark and heavy. We knew this time it was nothing that could be brushed off lightly. We read about it in the news soon after.

+ Off shore from Tauranga, Rena a container ship sits, sliced and spilling with oil. Seeing the containers sliding off and seeing the effects on beaches on the news, while being so far away. Heart breaking and helpless.

+ Freak accidents! Every so often we hear about escalators and lifts going haywire and killing people... especially in China. This is making me think twice every time I hop onto those escalators I use everyday.

+ Kids run-over by cars, then left, ignored, stepped around, detoured around, just to have it happen all over again. Happens in China... Dumbfounded.

+ Might be in China for a week. November.

+ All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup 2011, its bringing up sweet childhood memories of Black Magic winning the America's Cup in '95. Parades, Sausage sizzles and grins all 'round.

+ 1Q84. The English translation of Murakami's book was released yesterday. It's comforting to know there's one more Murakami book I can read in the world.

1.View out the window, thick smoke clouds rising from the Palau Bukom.

the daily grind

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bright eyes/her space holiday - contrast and compare

On most days I leave the house looking like a runaway. These three bags in tow, weigh me down everywhere I go. The woes of life without a car, without a boot. Will I ever get used to it?




It's ironic. This is really quite a small city. I heard from someone, you can drive from end to end in just one hour. Yet everyday, I seem to spend hours and hours zig-zagging the city, back and forth. Commuting, bus to rail, rail to bus. Commuting until my pair of legs just can't keep up.

Maybe it's time to buy a car, a golf cart, a trolley...?
Maybe, then, I wouldn't look so weighed down and lost like I do here.

dress - jimmy d
bike shorts - zara
man bag - burberry

she breathed a sigh of relief.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Watercolours -Under

Welcome home, baby fern, thai basil and... three cute little pot plants the clueless staff had no idea how to name. With nothing to go on, but 'Ji Mei Assorted Plants'. Maybe one of you botanic geniuses can clue us up. We'll be sure to share a picture of the cuties soon.

Subconsciously, this must be therapy for the both of us. A day at the nurseries for a deep lungful of greenery that we never knew we longed for. Me thinks this dose of green will become a staple in this space. And right now, possibly more frequent than those 'model' posts we do.

Equally therapeutic is (Chelsea Jade) Watercolours' Under. Every time we play it, we just, breathe better.







Wednesday, October 5, 2011




Maybe I am more a product of circumstance than I ever imagined. Let's find out what happens when that extensive wardrobe never made it on the flight here; what happens when the climate no longer allows for layering freely; what happens when full blown sunlight floods straight down on us 5 days out of 7; what happens when mr.wind no longer visits us here where we are and our favourite windy day garments sit dead flat sticking to our sweaty hot skin. Hope you're all ready for it!

Extensive exposure to the heat here turns our brains to mush. It really gets to our heads. Grumpiness ensues. Hence the glum and impatient expression as I stand dripping with sweat, dying to run into the next air-conditioned room. On the bright side, I'm finding sweat moustaches and sweat noses to be most amusing. I actually have a personal goal to capture some in their full un-wiped glory, but more about that another day...

kim gun mo - prologue

Top: Muji
Skorts: Vintage
Plimsoles: Muji
Bag: Muji
Visor: Daiso

curiously peculiar.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I guess you'll all be wanting an explanation then, want us to elaborate on exactly where we have been and why we've taken this long to come around?

Well, here's the thing: at first the apartment had no lights. So after we got lights put in, there was no internet. When we got the internet installed, we realised it wasn't wireless, so then we had to get a router. After that we realised I had to install some programs to get at those RAW format files. After the programs got sussed, it just felt like in the whole apartment, there were no tables, no desk, no place to comfortably sit in front of the laptop. So then, of course we had to sort that out.

Here I am, at the dining table with metres and metres of extension cords and multi-plugs, finally wired up and ready to come back round. Ready to fill you in.

Donawhale - doremi










A month into Amanda's job here, working 10-5 and more.
Adjusting to busing and mrt-ing everywhere - life without a car.
Carrying groceries home.
Carrying IKEA home.
Carrying everything home.

Cabs are a treat - reserved for rainy days and accidental sleep-ins.
Comfort food is cedeles. Yet to find another place that serves baps and sandwiches as trusty and readily available.
Missing the windiness of Auckland - and the whole of New Zealand as a matter of fact.
Missing the little grocer - as we have stated in numerous occasions.

Dealing with the fact that we left most of our wardrobe in Auckland.
Living on basics, wardrobe-wise.
Buying Muji and Uniqlo to deal with that.

In the process of finding ways to face the heat.
Sweat is a fact of life.
Appropriately obsessed with visors, and anything white or linen-y.

In the process of creating new traditions and habits.
Walks in historic streets and quarters.

Pot plant count is... zilch. boo hoo.