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Oh, hello

Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Welcome to 2014, a year where, already there are not enough hours in one day for sleep, work, play, plans, fun, sanity - yeah, we've already made a shambles of it. Case in point: 1:58hours and 17 whole days into this new year, only now am I saying things like, "Happy New Year", "How were your holidays?", "How was your New Years?" to you. Not our proudest moment at all!

You should be proud to know, though, we do already have multiple adventures pencilled in for the very very near future in the works. I do wonder when we'll ever get to the part where we actually share those experiences with you though! On that note, don't even mention new year resolutions, that's somewhere further down the ever-growing, ever-multiplying to do list. Priorities!

1. 31th december 2013, the last sunset of the year as seen from Flatrock/Wedding Rock Blue Mt, NSW.

l'├ępices exotiques

Sunday, November 3, 2013

lanterns photo F1000007-3_zpsc395911e.jpg

lil india photo F1000021-3_zps17b50276.jpg

 photo F1000024-3_zps81f1fe55.jpg

 photo F1000002-3_zps0ab69e9b.jpg

I'm guilty of this: the first things that come to mind when I think 'singapore' are artificially lit soulless mall interiors, characterless mrt stations, the numerous shiny icons of global proportions, dry wide streets, endless queueing, and walking miles and miles with my groceries in tow. And MOST of the time that's enough to drain me completely of all energy, inspiration and enthusiasm.

But then, once in a while, somehow, from somewhere, I am able to muster an extra ounce of energy and determination to explore beyond these same-y confines. These excursions are always spontaneous, with no definite plan, no clear destination and absolutely no expectations. For those few little hours, the only plan is to kill some time, explore a new nook of this island and maybe in the process: get lost!

I guess it's the same, wherever you live. It's easy to let your everyday surroundings cave in on you. But these little excursions help. They almost say: 'there is a world out there, full of different colorful and exciting humans whose existence and preoccupations are nothing like yours. Do you really have a reason to stress and worry?'

Months later, I process the roll of film I happened to have at the time, and relive the experience. It's different this time, the sense of wonder and appreciation hits harder and deeper. The moments have been solidified and captured, frozen in each frame.

mooncakes photo F1000003-3_zpsf043781b.jpg

Leave the lights on.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Please don't turn them off yet.

We have more to give,
more to share,
more to learn,
many, many more ways we need to grow.

Not promising you the moon.
But, this just feels too close to home to turn away.
Thank you for sticking around.

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Daughter - Medicine


Saturday, May 4, 2013

 photo Amanda_falls-3_zpsa33fdaba.jpg

 photo Amanda_falls-2_zps947b8f99.jpg

 photo Amanda_falls-5b_zps53766660.jpg

Things got pretty dark back there.

A couple of weeks back when I originally wanted to share these with you, the sight of these pictures would remind me of a time and a place that felt a world away, at complete odds to where I was. That fact totally gutted me at that point in time, sitting in my apartment in Singapore, 3am in the morning, I was truly about to write something like the following:

Life is becoming an endless list of chores.
Feeling drained of energy and inspiration. I yearn to come back to this fall and just lay still, breathe and listen to the sounds of the fall and feel the trickle of the fall.

After that little draft, things got in the way, the said 'endless list of chores' got the better of me; some part of me shirked from the thought of sharing this pitch-dark moment. Two weeks later, I'm here once again. Wouldn't it have been nice to share a simple story, an enchanting experience, and immerse you all in a little escapism? 

But that's just not possible this time. Too many triggers, too many mixed feelings attached.
This time, you'll have to take the 'light' with the 'dark' aftertaste.

 photo Amanda_falls-6b_zps6c11f9d0.jpg

the fall

Sunday, April 7, 2013

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 photo DSC_0716_zpse1f908a1.jpg

Every time Amanda's back in town we really try to make the most of it. It's become a ritual of sorts: short little hour drives around Auckland, exploring new little gems of nature, de-stressing with impromptu swims, absorbing every single scene of nature that unfolds. This time, we were blessed with this incredibly long summer; in fact Autumn has only really begun to creep in now. One particular late afternoon drive brought us out to the West Coast (one of our favourite areas, actually). We ventured through the many walking trails near Piha and by sheer luck chanced upon this Fall just as the sun was setting.
It was perfect.

Every time. We rediscover simple reasons why we'll always love this place.

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 photo DSC_0655_zpsa1e82d24.jpg

 photo DSC_0665_zps2db4afe5.jpg

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a perfect Valentine

Thursday, February 14, 2013

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tea for two
sweet and simple
minus the gimmicks
a happy valentine you all.

my little piece of heaven

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 photo Apartment-3_zpse6fa0373.jpg

 photo Apartment-1_zps4f65f04a.jpg

 photo Apartment-4_zpsc415a1fd.jpg

 photo Apartment-6_zps66dc1488.jpg

 photo Apartment-8_zps572fc4a2.jpg

One-and-a-half years ago, I moved into this apartment. Some of you may remember my first nights; a completely empty space, blank walls and no lights. Sleeping on the floor.
This is that same apartment now. A space that I want to rush back to after long hours of work. Literally a conglomeration of pieces from all over the world, that's constantly evolving. I can't wait to share more moments in it.

p.s. Now I can finally say, I can co-exist with pot plants. Though, unfortunately, the lives of four plants were compromised in the process. Ironically enough, now it's just not home without them.

 photo Apartment-7_zps62ae6dd1.jpg

27 days on...

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Daym! This year - it just kicked off with a bang! Definitely no half-arsed year to be had here, it's telling me. Funny how you can taste these things, huh? Better grab the horns, quick.

Our year to date? Well. If you'd actually like to know. Been chomping through lists of to-do's. Oh, the frontal cortex? Yeah that's coming along nicely too. Same with the wisdom teeth. Slowly but surely.
No, Lisa, we haven't up-ed and de-rooted off to Italy... but i see what you're doing there, seeds. Planting little seeds...i like it! We're both still very much grounded in our Southern Hemisphere/Equatorial positions. Some of us are, however, plotting little adventures into the European Continent. Others are plotting adventures into the hot sun for Laneways tomorrow.

You know what we miss most about blogging? It has to be this constant need for self reflection, self justification and just, generally keeping your perspective in check. Inevitable when you're constantly putting your words and pictures out there. That stuff keeps you sharp and true. To Yourself. So in the spirit of being alive, and for our personal sanity. We bloody hope to get back on this pony.
dozo yoroshiku.


Dress: h&m
Pants: vintage
Sandals: pull & bear
Hat: The Warehouse

a fresh start

Tuesday, January 1, 2013



I saw. I heard.

Monday, December 31, 2012


We know, we've been quiet on this space this year, but we'd still like to finish off 2012 by sharing with you the soundtrack to our year. 
On reflection, this year has been about making something out of the unexpected. Doing grown up things in our child-like non conforming waysObviously, this is not a cutting edge compilation of the best tracks of 2012 but just songs that capture those moments, songs that transport us back in time and space. Even if its just for one breath

Pure and simple, our 2012 sounded like this:


Nujabes - Kumomi


Mara Hruby - Character


St. Vincent - The Party


The Rapture - In the Grace of your Love


Grimes - Oblivion

1.Passing endless vineyards driving through Cianti, Italian countryside. 2.Rustic interiors in our Tuscan home, Fattoria San Martino. 3. Humid and sweaty early evening by the Colosseum4.Wandering the streets and courtyards in Milano. 5.Ladies in Saigon. 6.Bathers, trekkers and tourists in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.

reindeer says: merry christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


We're making new traditions here.
It's a tropical Christmas. In Singapore.
Overcrowding the apartment, packing it full of family.
With plans on covering all the newest touristy sights i've been intending to check out all year.
Found reindeers at Gardens by the Bay.
Had the most appropriately local Christmas Eve dinner EVER with Crabs as Turkey, fresh coconuts as mulled wine, plus, an entourage of many many sea friends!
We're having a blast here. Hope you are too.

Merry Christmas All!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photobucket Photobucket

Can - Mary, Mary, So Contrary

Postcards from days so free of care ~ well at least it always seems this way in photographs. Bathing in the late afternoon lull and gazing up above at clouds passing by; feeling the calm that spreads into every dark corner as your lungs draw in the gentle perfume of lavender fields in the tuscan countryside.

Mind if I rest for a moment here? Let time race by just for a bit while I let my breath catch up...?

Dress: chocol raffine
Bag: Chanel

Take these quiet moments.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Breathe them in. They're hard to come by. 

So often I find myself drifting into deep thought, the xx was playing softly in the background. So many hours in-between, the xx also played. To a point that every word, beat, breath, gasp, silence gained its own weight and meaning. Played to a point that a single chord is capable of striking up a whole sequence of emotions, a specific moment. 

Listening to coexist - these teleporting moments are already happening.

The XX - Angels

1 . Morning's peacefulness in Vernazza, Cinque Terre.

a silent devotion

Wednesday, September 5, 2012



This remains a space we keep wanting to come back to. And being reunited with each other again. In this land. With the family. And the camera. With the last chill in the air. Feeling a warmth that I remember.


Top: otis & maclain
Pants: thrift
Turban: vintage

dream of Florentine

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inhale Arno Air

Here is the first of our Italian offerings:

A city we fell in love with.
Well, it seemed impossible not to.
What, with its glorious golden sunsets,
soaking the streets through and through,
bathing the Arno in warmth.
Racing up its many heights, and domes,
breathing-in the rich Renaissance city of Michelangelo, Giotto & Brunelleschi;
wandering the intimate cobbled streets,
discovering its bohemian heart, its craftsmen, its collectors of vintage and antiques.

Firenze Streetmarkets
Street art
Brunelleschi & Michelangelo
sun-drenched streets
Florentine ceiling-fresco
Firenze rooftops
Brunelleschi is MAGIC
Bridge on Arno
river arno girls
Streets Firenze
Setting on the Arno