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Paris: A/W 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

With the dust of fashion month settling, we have intermittently been delving into these recent fall fashion offerings. And to be honest, the said 'delving' has occurred mostly through some seriously tired, jaded, and glazed eyes. Maybe I just haven't been in the best of moods or maybe my senses were still recovering from a strong shot of anaesthetic. That's not important. Significantly to me though, it was at first sight of this AF Vandevorst collection that I finally came to my wake.

Source: vogueUK

Warm even-light skimmed the soft fur and wool as they drape round and round their necks and faces. Dark shadows were cast by the fold and the artfully tipped black hats. Together they acted as a mask. As the figures slowly glided down the runway - elegant, completely anonymous and somehow timeless, I sensed my heartbeat calm down, breath: deep and smooth. Mesmerised, I likened them more to 'art' than anything else. As the figures appeared and disappeared in sequence; the qualities, at moments reminded me of still life paintings, sculpture and at times even renaissance portraiture (of those delightfully lit humanists). A perfect composition of parts.

They pose a question, asking us to slow down and reconsider. In an admirable and refreshing way, they reject 'fashion' as power dressing and 'image' making, and instead reach for a quiet beauty, and timelessness that is undeniable.

These photos are only an entrée, have a look at the whole lot, here. Better yet, watch the video.

A/W 2011: Kaikoku

Monday, May 16, 2011

As we are getting into our own winter, we will be looking at some of the A/W 2011 collections from the recent fashion weeks. We will be sharing our favourite collections here. At the same time inspiring any of your wardrobes in the Southern Hemisphere. We hope the rest of you get inspired too... sorry you'll have to wait till your winter comes round!

It's no secret, our admiration for Hussein Chalayan's work, we've even ranted about it before. Furthermore, collection after collection we're reminded of how fearless and unafraid he is to ask hard questions, dig deep into sensitive topics. And he's shown us what beautiful, forward, uncompromising, and wearable fashion can be the fruit of those questions.

His attention of late, appropriately, happens to be on Japan, sensitively delving into aspects of Japanese social history and culture. This season he focuses on 'Kaikoku' (translation:open country, open society, 開国; opening of a country to the world). The emergance and exposure of Japan as a culture, post world-war.

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Source: hussein chalayan

Paris: beyond the Tour Eiffel

Tuesday, June 9, 2009







This chilly and wet winter reminds us that maybe the Parisian winter is just that much more welcoming. Dashing in the rain across Champ-Elysees, running in the snowed out Tuileries, pigging out on macaron et mille-feuille. Is it just the urban scenery that is such a bonus on every day life? or does being on holiday have something to do with it?

The streets of Paris is the backdrop of my dream-life.

soldes soldes soldes

Thursday, January 15, 2009

#8 towards Créteil - change- #1 towards Chateau de Vincennes at Concorde, --//pink line//blue line//red line -- finally arrive at destination.

ahhh another day of roaming the arrondisements. hitting the shops, checking out bargains and strenuous mental calculations/ conversion of the strong € into New Zealand dollars.




who ever questioned the friendliness of the French?

in Sonia Rykiel

//shop assistant: i like your bracelet. (refering to my Mango He pvc/chain cuff)What is it?

//me: (totally bewildered with a pinch of embarassment, ambiguously mentioned) : oh its just some chain ( shrugging at the sametime)

[someone give me a memo on this; is it wrong to mention Mango in Sonia Rykiel in Paris? or is it just me? totally confused about this.]

//shop assistant (searchingly said) : did you get it in paris?

//me : nope from spain ( seriously its not that i don't wanna share but i'm just not sure how you'd take this!!)

//shop assistant (reassuringly taps me on the hand) :
i like it. congratulations on your find.

what a crazy little moment.

in Givenchy

and thanks to the sales assistant (of whom i didn't catch the name) in Givenchy Rue du Faubourg St. Honoré for a list of vintage and thrift shops sorted to the point of the days that we are in Paris, price range and exact Metro stop. if you are reading this, you know who you are. i know this will be much appreciated getting on to the list asap.

just leave a message or something if you guys are interested in her fav vintage/thrift stores. and we will have it up.

Source: givenchy


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

merci beaucoup. yes still alive and kicking.
currently in paris on a sucrè high.

so today we just happened to step into this challenge:
'Find the best Macaron in Paris'.

In memory of our last trip to Lyon; we happened to try some amazing Seve macarons. So here go. We had tried some from local patisseries that just didn't match up. so today, we were left with several last contestants; Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, or Sadaharu Aoki.( when it comes to food, you gotta start from the top)

We didn't quite make it to Sadaharu today but between the other two; it was a very close call but - j'aime Laduree.

okay, here's the low-down:
Pierre Hermé :
Flavour choices -you can get some pretty exciting and exotic flavors
we chose 'wasabi pamplemousse','marron & thè vert matcha' & 'rose'
Filling - they do not stinge on this at all, maybe on the thick side but boy do they have some pretty amazing combos. on some of these flavours you get both a buttercream and jelly filling together
Sweetness - not too sweet but its a much denser flavour
Texture - the wafer is thin with a small crunch on bite. but the inside is stickier, the thick layer of cream does mean its a bit heavier of a macaron

Overall - it's all about the flavours. would love to try the others eg. foie gras et chocolat

Ladurée :
Flavour choices - a more traditional selection but they do try to have some creative seasonal flavours
we chose 'pistache', 'rose', 'marron','mango-jasmin', 'praline' & 'orange flower' we have only eaten pistache, rose and mango jasmin at the moment; (saving the rest for brekkie)
Filling - buttercream or jelly depending on flavour. but i think we are gonna spend the rest of this rant talking about the rose one. Boy! did that bring that 'kick'. it was light on the cream but was just enough of a whiff with a strong lingering effect.
Sweetness - not too sweet at all, pretty light actually
Texture - ahhh! the wafer this is what i call 'crystalline and crisp' it was kinda airy but with the right balance of crunch.

Overall - waiting for breakfast time; the rose macaron is like perfection. First, the wafer delicately cracks, then, the cream fills part of the airy wafer and.... its gone. i think the secret is in making you want more!

What are your thoughts? what are we missing out on? where do you get your macarons?

----------------------------------------please click away to avoid over salivation-----------------------------------------