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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

merci beaucoup. yes still alive and kicking.
currently in paris on a sucrè high.

so today we just happened to step into this challenge:
'Find the best Macaron in Paris'.

In memory of our last trip to Lyon; we happened to try some amazing Seve macarons. So here go. We had tried some from local patisseries that just didn't match up. so today, we were left with several last contestants; Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, or Sadaharu Aoki.( when it comes to food, you gotta start from the top)

We didn't quite make it to Sadaharu today but between the other two; it was a very close call but - j'aime Laduree.

okay, here's the low-down:
Pierre Hermé :
Flavour choices -you can get some pretty exciting and exotic flavors
we chose 'wasabi pamplemousse','marron & thè vert matcha' & 'rose'
Filling - they do not stinge on this at all, maybe on the thick side but boy do they have some pretty amazing combos. on some of these flavours you get both a buttercream and jelly filling together
Sweetness - not too sweet but its a much denser flavour
Texture - the wafer is thin with a small crunch on bite. but the inside is stickier, the thick layer of cream does mean its a bit heavier of a macaron

Overall - it's all about the flavours. would love to try the others eg. foie gras et chocolat

Ladurée :
Flavour choices - a more traditional selection but they do try to have some creative seasonal flavours
we chose 'pistache', 'rose', 'marron','mango-jasmin', 'praline' & 'orange flower' we have only eaten pistache, rose and mango jasmin at the moment; (saving the rest for brekkie)
Filling - buttercream or jelly depending on flavour. but i think we are gonna spend the rest of this rant talking about the rose one. Boy! did that bring that 'kick'. it was light on the cream but was just enough of a whiff with a strong lingering effect.
Sweetness - not too sweet at all, pretty light actually
Texture - ahhh! the wafer this is what i call 'crystalline and crisp' it was kinda airy but with the right balance of crunch.

Overall - waiting for breakfast time; the rose macaron is like perfection. First, the wafer delicately cracks, then, the cream fills part of the airy wafer and.... its gone. i think the secret is in making you want more!

What are your thoughts? what are we missing out on? where do you get your macarons?

----------------------------------------please click away to avoid over salivation-----------------------------------------