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l'épices exotiques

Sunday, November 3, 2013

lanterns photo F1000007-3_zpsc395911e.jpg

lil india photo F1000021-3_zps17b50276.jpg

 photo F1000024-3_zps81f1fe55.jpg

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I'm guilty of this: the first things that come to mind when I think 'singapore' are artificially lit soulless mall interiors, characterless mrt stations, the numerous shiny icons of global proportions, dry wide streets, endless queueing, and walking miles and miles with my groceries in tow. And MOST of the time that's enough to drain me completely of all energy, inspiration and enthusiasm.

But then, once in a while, somehow, from somewhere, I am able to muster an extra ounce of energy and determination to explore beyond these same-y confines. These excursions are always spontaneous, with no definite plan, no clear destination and absolutely no expectations. For those few little hours, the only plan is to kill some time, explore a new nook of this island and maybe in the process: get lost!

I guess it's the same, wherever you live. It's easy to let your everyday surroundings cave in on you. But these little excursions help. They almost say: 'there is a world out there, full of different colorful and exciting humans whose existence and preoccupations are nothing like yours. Do you really have a reason to stress and worry?'

Months later, I process the roll of film I happened to have at the time, and relive the experience. It's different this time, the sense of wonder and appreciation hits harder and deeper. The moments have been solidified and captured, frozen in each frame.

mooncakes photo F1000003-3_zpsf043781b.jpg

( hush hush )

Sunday, November 18, 2012


It's cut back, and stripped down to the essence. Arcs. Angles. Darts. Curves. These little accents i've discovered by another feather just resonate with the perfect notes of simplicity, minimalism, dynamics, with elegant yet nonchalant geometry. Without a doubt, they'll soon be joining my daily collection. Finding it hard to choose though, i mean, each of the subtle variations just make us melt. AND even more so, worn all at once!

Oh yes we did. Once in a while we actually do go to work and do our job as title suggests. accessories.
Only on very special days though.
  PhotobucketSource: another feather

the Mamas and the Papas

Sunday, May 13, 2012


c.1974 - A grand engagement.

It's Mother's Day. Treasure your parents today & everyday. Ours are halfway around the world, on a Safari.


grain to soothe the soul

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Mara Hruby - Character

Doesn't it seem logical to share sights & sounds that are contrary to how one is feeling?
Since this space is therapy, I think it's the right thing to do.

I've been watching rain beat down on the glazed alcove, wind-swept rogue palm leaves hurtling from all directions, and the usual sight of deep blues & greens turn into an envelopment of greys that stifle any chance of warm daylight seeping through to us.

I switched on the lights. And turned on some warm beats. Filling the cold empty room with Mara Hruby's rich smooth sounds is a necessity for surviving. (she's been giving away her album for free, so hurry to her Bandcamp!!)

In the same way, this series of medium format, black & white double exposures we came across (here) hit home. The gutsy grain, the pure silhouette-like exposures, simple and raw, played a similar harmony. They make us feel warm and grounded.



Source: Eleanorrigby236 via CGSF (Kiev 88 + Shanghai GP3)

Paris: A/W 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

With the dust of fashion month settling, we have intermittently been delving into these recent fall fashion offerings. And to be honest, the said 'delving' has occurred mostly through some seriously tired, jaded, and glazed eyes. Maybe I just haven't been in the best of moods or maybe my senses were still recovering from a strong shot of anaesthetic. That's not important. Significantly to me though, it was at first sight of this AF Vandevorst collection that I finally came to my wake.

Source: vogueUK

Warm even-light skimmed the soft fur and wool as they drape round and round their necks and faces. Dark shadows were cast by the fold and the artfully tipped black hats. Together they acted as a mask. As the figures slowly glided down the runway - elegant, completely anonymous and somehow timeless, I sensed my heartbeat calm down, breath: deep and smooth. Mesmerised, I likened them more to 'art' than anything else. As the figures appeared and disappeared in sequence; the qualities, at moments reminded me of still life paintings, sculpture and at times even renaissance portraiture (of those delightfully lit humanists). A perfect composition of parts.

They pose a question, asking us to slow down and reconsider. In an admirable and refreshing way, they reject 'fashion' as power dressing and 'image' making, and instead reach for a quiet beauty, and timelessness that is undeniable.

These photos are only an entrée, have a look at the whole lot, here. Better yet, watch the video.

Under my Plastic Christmas Palm Tree.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

If you haven't done your christmas shopping by now, there is still hope for you in our books.
Escape route 1 - Get a magazine subscription, and just leave it to them to deliver the goods.

// monocle subscription for a year $125

// Hussein Chalayan $325 / The Room Magazine one year subscription €110

Escape route 2 - Run down to the shops NOW! Don't pass 'GO' and don't 'COLLECT $200'! But to be honest, all the desperate last-minute consumerism down at your local mall probably couldn't buy you lurve like we've got for you here! So listen up.

Escape route 3 - OK go ahead and order them something really awesome, and...for the moment completely digital, intangible and pretty much half way around the world with almost zero hope of the thing ever teleporting to your part of the world before Christmas Morning. Then hope like hell that you've been a good enough girl/boy all year that Santa will do all the teleporting for you and that gift that you chose will be sitting under that plastic christmas palm tree come sunrise! Well, for those of you who aren't so lucky, or have spent a few too many nights partying and getting up to no good, then finding yourself in Santa's BAD books, or those of you, you know who you are, you poor in faith; well as long as you get them something truly awesome, when I say awesome I mean, as long as it's the fan-bloody-tastic kinda awesome, like, beyond anything I've ever imagined in my wildest dreams kinda awesome; being a couple days in the coming shouldn't be too much of an issue, we assure you. Try one of these following items for effect:

// Anzfer Farm Lamp $80

// Plumen light bulbs €30

// Building Block bag - price n/a / Hussein Chalayan Book $66

// Helios 44-2 lens $39

// Michael Mc Dowell Ceramic Planter $42


And have a Merry Christmas all!

Disclaimer: Follow the above advice at your own risk, is only proven to work for the 0.001% of the global population. Not recommended for people that believe that a plump man in a red suit will be clamoring down their chimney after 00:00 hrs to deliver gifts under their tree. Not recommended for children.

Source: style , anzfer farms, building block, the room magazine, michael dales, mr kitly, plumen, ssense, wallpaper, top35mm

In the Print Room: Maria Tasula

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We're kind of excited about this. Here comes the second interview part of our 'In the Tea-Room' segment. It's with someone that we both increasingly admire: Maria from the blog biting the hand that feeds. Her blog is a teaser for all her projects and experimental photography as well as an entree to her seriously awesome taste. Along with running her blog she seems to often be working hard through the night, in the print room. So, appropriately we met her there.

Through the years we have followed her blog, we've always been so curious, who she is, what she does. She's just such a talented girl. So with this, we got a chance to know more, and the honor of sharing with you.

maria tasula - biting the hands that feed blog

Maria, 20, Finland, soon London

What do you do?
I nine to five as a fashion PR intern in a fancy city office and moonlight as an aspiring editor, based in a finnish version of a ghetto, no Apple or large white spaces around here thank you.

Medium of choice?
Photography and everything else that gets to people's minds. Words are very important, I want to influence!

maria tasula - biting the hands that feed blog

Tell us abit about some of the project(s) you're involved in, the parts you're most excited about, proud of.
I have been very lucky to work with amazing people in amazing projects in my life so far.

I have been volunteering in contemporary art museum Kiasma in Helsinki, Finland for the past years with a group of young and talented people with whom we have accomplished to organize event nights, collaborations with artists, different workshops and even an exhibition last Autumn. I shot the flyer photographs advertising the exhibition, which was a pretty big deal to me and I am thankful for the opportunity. We have worked together with Centre Pompidou's and Tate's youth groups in a project called Youth Art Interchange and I've had the chance to visit them in Liverpool and London. To see and discover how huge museums work inside out as a 17-year-old and actually make something happening inside the system opened my view for a lot of things. I am so proud of everyone who has worked very hard in the group, it's great to see them succeed and have a network of such diverse creative young adults!

Last December I started a project that is personally very important to me, a small publication titled 10300. I've been producing it the whole Spring and still I'm behind the schedule, but good stuff is worth the wait you know! Ever since I was a 13-year-old kid discovering fashion, fashion magazines and print publications in general have been very close to my heart. I guess I don't even have to explain why to your blog readers, since I'm sure they get exactly why! Organizing shoots, interviews and exploring talent I want to showcase has driven me the whole Spring, and the fact that I have found great Art Directors whom I trust. It has and will be hard (make that almost imbossible) work to finalize everything but I don't regret a single bit. The best part for me has been bringing different people to work together since teamwork and collaboration brings out the best in people and is one of the most important things in life. Also everyone's interest towards the project...I've been very very happy about it since I'm proud of everyone who is collaborating!

And what is 10300 about you wonder? It will take you from New York to Lapland, from rooftops to the sunrise at the lake, from short stories to the most stylish people you know. True story.

maria tasula - biting the hands that feed blog

maria tasula - biting the hands that feed blog

We're really anticipating what you'll do in the future, what's on the horizon for you?
Other than continuing with 10300, I am moving to London in September to study Fashion Photography BA at London College of Fashion, so I think my future is mostly about shoplifting noodles from Lidl and drinking 2 for £5 wine bottles, ha ha. Anyone out there living in London, I am happy to assist or basically polish your shoes in exchange of free meal. I am very good in polishing shoes, by the way, almost better than taking pictures. Other than that, my ambitions in life consist of becoming the next Franca Sozzani (since I've already asked her how it's done!), getting a business degree and a bigger vintage Halston collection than Rachel Zoe.

And for some fun Q's, just because we're curious beings!
Neat freak or 'organised' chaos?

Whatever works, you need both in life.

Optimist or pessimist?

coffee or tea?
The best drink is free of course...

What is the most underated thing?
Deadlines (a note to myself!)

Your catchphrase?
Without having a goal it's difficult to score

The place/city of your dreams:
The candy cave in Charlie The Unicorn video or a Helmut Lang store in the 90s.

Your 5 track playlist.
Pharoahe Monch - Still Standing
Belle & Sebastian - Expectations
LCD Soundsystem - Tribulations
Gil-Scott Heron - Running
Los Rakas - Abrazame (Uproot Andy remix)

One thing about you that usually surprises people?
That I write a fashion blog since I tend to look like a lost nerd most of the time.

maria tasula - biting the hands that feed blog
1.Maria photographed by Helen Korpak. 2.Photographed by Maria. 3.Photographed by Maria. 4.Maria photographed by Sanna Lehto. 5.Photographed by Maria.

an open verse

Friday, May 20, 2011


when a glance of a photograph is no less revealing than a verse of poetry.

the rest @ tfs & allaboutmodels
Model: evgenia skvortsova, luka, alina krasina,
veranika antsipava, leila, stasya izyumova, drozdova marina
Photography: hellen van meene
Publication: moscow. protection POP #23 A/W 2010

A/W 2011: Kaikoku

Monday, May 16, 2011

As we are getting into our own winter, we will be looking at some of the A/W 2011 collections from the recent fashion weeks. We will be sharing our favourite collections here. At the same time inspiring any of your wardrobes in the Southern Hemisphere. We hope the rest of you get inspired too... sorry you'll have to wait till your winter comes round!

It's no secret, our admiration for Hussein Chalayan's work, we've even ranted about it before. Furthermore, collection after collection we're reminded of how fearless and unafraid he is to ask hard questions, dig deep into sensitive topics. And he's shown us what beautiful, forward, uncompromising, and wearable fashion can be the fruit of those questions.

His attention of late, appropriately, happens to be on Japan, sensitively delving into aspects of Japanese social history and culture. This season he focuses on 'Kaikoku' (translation:open country, open society, 開国; opening of a country to the world). The emergance and exposure of Japan as a culture, post world-war.

paris autumn winter 2011/12,hussein chalayan,hussein chalayan winter 2012
hussein chalayan paris fall 2010,hussein chalayan paris fall 2011/12hussein chalayan paris fall 2010,hussein chalayan paris fall 2011/12hussein chalayan paris fall 2010,hussein chalayan paris fall 2011/12hussein chalayan paris fall 2011/12

Source: hussein chalayan

In the Tea-Room: Brokenporcelain

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok, so we're about to revive a little segment on our blog that you probably never knew existed. We've only ever excercised it once before, you see.

Here's the thing. We often come across many lovely, intriguing & inspiring people. They often also do wonderful things. Which, we want to know much more about. Frankly in our opinion, they're kind of underated. So instead of keeping them to ourselves, we'll have a quick light-hearted chat with them "
In the Tea-Room".

Today we had a good talk "
In the Tea-Room" with Andrés Gallardo, the creator behind Brokenporcelain. His works of art are an assemblage of porcelain sculptures, symbols and icons reconstructed into scenes of wearable jewelery. We'll let him tell you all about it.



Name, City, Age:
Andrés Gallardo, Madrid, 34

What is your craft?
fashion designer

Material of choice:
porcelain figurines, leather, gold

Talk us through your process of designing and making a piece.
The idea of B r o k e n p o r c e l a i n is to use ready-made porcelain figurines. The design process is to break these apart; treatment of polish and paint; then engage with other materials like leather and gold.

Your work is truly unique. How would you describe the pieces you make? Where does it come from, any inspirations?
The idea occurred to me in Berlin, walking with my boyfriend in the markets. I love the porcelain figurines, the material is very fine and elegant. Immediately I wanted to bring all this to my world, that is fashion. I thought that by breaking it [porcelain figurines], I could get the parts that I like. So, it was, I discovered a new world in my life.

I love the animals figurines, I break them and hang things that come from the body, such as flowers or red crystal balls that mimic blood. Sometimes animal lovers unite in one piece, and in others, run one after another, to eat each other.

Any secret obsessions:
What do you collect?
now, porcelain figurines

One thing you can't live without:

Coffee or tea?

What gets your creativity going?
music, the people, art...

Music of choice when you're working?
mostly, classical music



1.Magicjungle by Brokenporcelain. 2.Andrés gallardo by Jonaypmatos 3.Magicjungle(close up) by Brokenporcelain. 4. Jewelery by Brokenporcelain.

See more here.

Not pristine.

Friday, April 8, 2011

arizona muse vogue italia

arizona muse vogue italia

arizona muse vogue italia

arizona muse vogue italia

What can I say, tomboys just catch our heart. Always have and always will. She doesn't try to prove herself, she's comfortable in her own skin, has a chilled attitude, never overtly sexy, and kinda sporty. Just realizing now, we're so often drawn to this similar vibe, never fails to capture our attention. Arizona Muse, at first sight she seems a mix of Karlie Kloss, Tallulah Morton & Anja Rubik, but she also exudes a clear-minded maturity that's solely her own.

Loving every-single one of these pieces here. Fresh and clean, but not pristine. No curves, but boyish lines. O yes, we went the extra mile, squinting into blurry pixels of ant-like italian text, and with the aid of Babelfish, managed to salvage that the white asymmetrical dress in the second shot comes from SS2011 of N° 21 by Alessandro Dell'Acqua and the third dress with the slits and cutouts is from SS2011 of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Just thought some of you might like to know.

See the rest @ touchpuppet & noirfacade
Model: Arizona Muse
Photography: Craig Mc Dean
Publication: So pure, so modern Vogue Italia Feb 2011

The next moment, everything changed.

Monday, March 21, 2011


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Loneliness







Many of the moments above evoke scenes that we personally associate with Japan, or rather, Tokyo. But flooding our minds for this past week and a half are the following images: water everywhere, cars ships homes pilling up, homes washed out to sea, swirling waters, endless rubble fields, steaming nuclear plants, exploding nuclear plants, Naoto Kan, side-turned ships, snow, fire, elderly people - cold huddling together in drafty shelters. A world turned upside down.

Though there has been alot of fear, panic, confusion, the world over, yet it also brings to mind a time of complete strangers caring for each other; of people risking their own safety or wellbeing for the wellbeing of others; of nations regardless of differences or a past, responding to others in need. This readiness to help others, regardless, is something we want to hold onto.

Now 9 days on from Japan's Tsunami, the news coverage has now, ever so slightly, begun to subside. It's also almost 1 month on from Christchurch's earthquake. But for the people in the midst of the turmoil, even after the news cameras turn away, their suffering and trials are far from over. We continue to remember these people, pray for them and support them. We also came across a nice way we'll be supporting Japan. We fell in love with a certain poster designed by James White (the "help japan" poster above), where 100% of proceeds of poster sales will go to Red Cross in Japan.

1.Help Japan print from Signalnoise. 2.Rush hour in Tokyo - marcusuke. 3.Handles - Walkthworld1. 4.Quotes of the day - Time. 5.Geta - ai*. 6.Eiheiji Stroll - Ame Otoko. 7.A day on the Yamonoto line: Shinagawa- fabuchan. 8.One summer day - motocchio. 9. Shibuya: Leader of the pack - akumach.