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a perfect Valentine

Thursday, February 14, 2013

 photo apartment_zps6627cc76.jpg

tea for two
sweet and simple
minus the gimmicks
a happy valentine you all.

my little piece of heaven

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

 photo Apartment-3_zpse6fa0373.jpg

 photo Apartment-1_zps4f65f04a.jpg

 photo Apartment-4_zpsc415a1fd.jpg

 photo Apartment-6_zps66dc1488.jpg

 photo Apartment-8_zps572fc4a2.jpg

One-and-a-half years ago, I moved into this apartment. Some of you may remember my first nights; a completely empty space, blank walls and no lights. Sleeping on the floor.
This is that same apartment now. A space that I want to rush back to after long hours of work. Literally a conglomeration of pieces from all over the world, that's constantly evolving. I can't wait to share more moments in it.

p.s. Now I can finally say, I can co-exist with pot plants. Though, unfortunately, the lives of four plants were compromised in the process. Ironically enough, now it's just not home without them.

 photo Apartment-7_zps62ae6dd1.jpg