27 days on...

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Daym! This year - it just kicked off with a bang! Definitely no half-arsed year to be had here, it's telling me. Funny how you can taste these things, huh? Better grab the horns, quick.

Our year to date? Well. If you'd actually like to know. Been chomping through lists of to-do's. Oh, the frontal cortex? Yeah that's coming along nicely too. Same with the wisdom teeth. Slowly but surely.
No, Lisa, we haven't up-ed and de-rooted off to Italy... but i see what you're doing there, seeds. Planting little seeds...i like it! We're both still very much grounded in our Southern Hemisphere/Equatorial positions. Some of us are, however, plotting little adventures into the European Continent. Others are plotting adventures into the hot sun for Laneways tomorrow.

You know what we miss most about blogging? It has to be this constant need for self reflection, self justification and just, generally keeping your perspective in check. Inevitable when you're constantly putting your words and pictures out there. That stuff keeps you sharp and true. To Yourself. So in the spirit of being alive, and for our personal sanity. We bloody hope to get back on this pony.
dozo yoroshiku.


Dress: h&m
Pants: vintage
Sandals: pull & bear
Hat: The Warehouse


Anonymous said...

Blogging has a great way of showing you your perspective. I hope you're having a really successful 2013.

I found your blog on Bloglovin and I'm glad I did. I'm looking forward to even more posts.

Kate from Clear the Way

l i s a z h a n g said...

great comeback speech/post!
i'm sure you girls will do just fine on the blogging scene this year! I for one am totally waiting to see more!

I think after my nyc trip, planting the seed of uprooting life as we all know it to move to another contitnent have somewhat over taken my mind! I think I've been rather successful in doing so as a few close friends of ours have decided on the move already!

and now for NEW YORK.....where to begin?!
it was amazing in every single way! One week was simply NOT enough to see everything! Sadly I didnt make it to the Steven Holl Gallery, rather did all the other quintessential tourist architecture tours instead! I did get a chance to wonder around the architecture halls of NYU as they had some students exhibition in an open gallery!

Europe this year is sounding amazing!
It is def something on my to do list! I cannot wait to see more pictures from you girls!

Hoping one enjoys/enjoyed laneway!

I feel like there is so much more to tell! Almost a skype/chat session needed!!!


Anonymous said...

this is beautiful! lovely photography, and thank you so much for your comment, made my morning!

The Girl With a Feather said...

I hope 2013 is an amazing year for you! (I'm sure it will be!) It's so great that you're already getting through your to-dos and it's only been a month! I will definitely try and get some posts up about my travels when I get the time. Time is just flying so quickly that I don't want to miss a bit of it! Amazing photos by the way! Where were they taken? It looks so beautiful!

l i s a z h a n g said...

hoping for another trip almost as soon as next year hopefully! Definitely floating the idea of moving to NYC, although I could so totally do LA just to be closer to surf! Now.....I just need to convince the other half!

Glad you guys enojoyed laneway, I couldnt get tickets, jumped on it a bit too late...No doubt kings of convenience would of been dreamy! I was dying to see of monsters and men....

No festivals as yet, but grooving to the moo seems to be having a great lineup!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, and I love your self reflection. It's always good to remember some of the purer motives for blogging that don't involve becoming someone else to please the masses. I hope you keep it up.


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