dream of Florentine

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Inhale Arno Air

Here is the first of our Italian offerings:

A city we fell in love with.
Well, it seemed impossible not to.
What, with its glorious golden sunsets,
soaking the streets through and through,
bathing the Arno in warmth.
Racing up its many heights, and domes,
breathing-in the rich Renaissance city of Michelangelo, Giotto & Brunelleschi;
wandering the intimate cobbled streets,
discovering its bohemian heart, its craftsmen, its collectors of vintage and antiques.

Firenze Streetmarkets
Street art
Brunelleschi & Michelangelo
sun-drenched streets
Florentine ceiling-fresco
Firenze rooftops
Brunelleschi is MAGIC
Bridge on Arno
river arno girls
Streets Firenze
Setting on the Arno


Ida Ayu Melati said...

one day I will go to Italy... one day :) that's my dream..

noura. said...

i'm trying to make my boyfriend go to florence.. it looks so beautiful