chilling in the long white cloud

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The WBC - Recline Dub

After working in Singapore for 6 months, a trip back home to good ol Auckland was way overdue. Touching ground and seeing the fluffy white clouds floating past, followed by the rich greens and blues below, it's instantly soothing to me.

I'm home! And boy, do I miss the intense blue skies, breathing in cool air, the feel of carpet under my bare feet, playing with my lil niece, rummaging through thrift stores, the smell of thrift stores, eating (heaps of) yoghurt, hot chips, tamales, ceviches, mojitos from all my favorite stores, getting back into my old 'comfort' routines, driving to random beaches, listening to my old trusty radio stations and the sensation of a windy day.

Now, its Wednesday. And I leave all this goodness on Sunday! No way, too early right? So in response to that, the last shot is pretty much my personal version of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream'.

(By the way, anyone have a good recipe for tamales they can share?? my current favorite food.You'll really make my week!)




Cap: Gap
Dress: Browny
Boots: Nike


liana said...

these photos are very fresh. lovely.

i wish i could wear nikes.
i just look like a douche if i wear any sneaker besides vans.

Dress Code: High Fashion said...

There`s no place like home :)

Hugs, Jen

Maria said...

New Zealand sounds a dreamy place, also I had an obsession with the country since I was 10, based on the tv series the tribe, haha.

galatea. said...

haha you are soo cute! i like that nail polish on you btw x

what a good feeling it must have been to be home again. i haven't seen home (Manila) in two years. it's very painful. as much as i love LA, a part of me will always be somewhere else. yeah, what a feeling huh? x