And it's morning.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's been ten sleeps since New Years Day. And if any of you would like to know..... our resolutions are happily incomplete - sitting inside a .doc file on my computer desktop. But we're optimistic. Good honest resolutions are like fine wines.

Amanda's been working her butt off in a little island called Singapore. And me, well ..... I've been around? Hung out in Singapore and China in November and spent Christmas in Sydney. Now i'm back home in Auckland for a short while.

But more importantly, you and I, we have hell of a lot to catch up on. Like, what on earth have you been up to, where the hell are you and what on earth is going on?
Andwhyhaventyou returned our calls?

Let's try to start the year with a clean slate and everything on the table. Time to get that blogging muscle back in ship shape again.

Youth Lagoon - seventeen





Grid Dress: Vintage
Shoes: Muji
Sweats: Muji

1.Quiet Saturday morning in singapore's CBD.


Maria said...

Well, I've been writing my CSM application! Eeeesh. And escaping from it. Love the slouchiness in this outfit btw :)

U said...

aw, i love the combination between the sweater and the dress, just looks kind of lightly romantic :)

galatea. said...

good to have you back! isn't it exciting to think of what 2012 will bring? seems that you've been doing a lot of traveling. i am very jealous! please, post some photos of your travels x

classiq said...

Happy New Year! May it be better than 2011. Thank you for stopping by. :)

noura. said...

love youth lagoon. and you.

le pearl said...

who would have thought a boring grid dress could be so prepped up?

comfortable and effortless

Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems said...

I still find it hard to believe that it is 2012 - I only had one real New Year resolution and that was to spend more time reading (which I love) an I still haven't found the time. But I am determined to find it somewhere :)
Gems x

Joana said...

Love the simplicity and charisma of this outfit.

madzia said...

nice blouse :)