Under my Plastic Christmas Palm Tree.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

If you haven't done your christmas shopping by now, there is still hope for you in our books.
Escape route 1 - Get a magazine subscription, and just leave it to them to deliver the goods.



Escape route 2 - Run down to the shops NOW! Don't pass 'GO' and don't 'COLLECT $200'! But to be honest, all the desperate last-minute consumerism down at your local mall probably couldn't buy you lurve like we've got for you here! So listen up.

Escape route 3 - OK go ahead and order them something really awesome, and...for the moment completely digital, intangible and pretty much half way around the world with almost zero hope of the thing ever teleporting to your part of the world before Christmas Morning. Then hope like hell that you've been a good enough girl/boy all year that Santa will do all the teleporting for you and that gift that you chose will be sitting under that plastic christmas palm tree come sunrise! Well, for those of you who aren't so lucky, or have spent a few too many nights partying and getting up to no good, then finding yourself in Santa's BAD books, or those of you, you know who you are, you poor in faith; well as long as you get them something truly awesome, when I say awesome I mean, as long as it's the fan-bloody-tastic kinda awesome, like, beyond anything I've ever imagined in my wildest dreams kinda awesome; being a couple days in the coming shouldn't be too much of an issue, we assure you. Try one of these following items for effect:





And have a Merry Christmas all!

Disclaimer: Follow the above advice at your own risk, is only proven to work for the 0.001% of the global population. Not recommended for people that believe that a plump man in a red suit will be clamoring down their chimney after 00:00 hrs to deliver gifts under their tree. Not recommended for children.


Dress Code: High Fashion said...

I`d sure love to find those fab shoes under my tree.

Merry Christmas!

Yours, Jenny

laura said...

ahahh awesome post ! i wish i had read this before xmas eve though ..