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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A series of random facts / news; almost completely unrelated, but significant to us.

+ Sitting in the Singapore apartment, looking out at the industrial scene of oil refineries and container ships, every few nights a week, a blaze at the Palau Bukom would be visible. Every time a small blaze appeared atop the tall chimneys, we would wonder, "Is this all part of a 'normal' day's work in the refineries?" or is this fire an outward sign of panic and alarm, silenced by the distance and isolation? Every time we were curious but brushed it off. One day last month, it set ablaze. This time the smoke streamed straight into the sky, grew thick, dense, dark and heavy. We knew this time it was nothing that could be brushed off lightly. We read about it in the news soon after.

+ Off shore from Tauranga, Rena a container ship sits, sliced and spilling with oil. Seeing the containers sliding off and seeing the effects on beaches on the news, while being so far away. Heart breaking and helpless.

+ Freak accidents! Every so often we hear about escalators and lifts going haywire and killing people... especially in China. This is making me think twice every time I hop onto those escalators I use everyday.

+ Kids run-over by cars, then left, ignored, stepped around, detoured around, just to have it happen all over again. Happens in China... Dumbfounded.

+ Might be in China for a week. November.

+ All Blacks winning the Rugby World Cup 2011, its bringing up sweet childhood memories of Black Magic winning the America's Cup in '95. Parades, Sausage sizzles and grins all 'round.

+ 1Q84. The English translation of Murakami's book was released yesterday. It's comforting to know there's one more Murakami book I can read in the world.

1.View out the window, thick smoke clouds rising from the Palau Bukom.


Dress Code: High Fashion said...

Looking at those oil refineries is scary...just think of the emissions (not to think of a fire there!)...

I hope all stays well.

*Hugs* Jen

Ginta said...

About the last point - yes, yes, yes, I couldn't be happier too!

noura. said...

fuckkk yes i love murakami

Marlene said...

I don't understand the text but the picture looks very pretty and empressive ! :) <3

Noelle Chantal said...

Oh my, another oil spill again? It's so sad to watch news, it's kinda depressing, too much pollution, riots etc going on. I see why people in China don't care much about children or accidents, their country is over populated. :(

Are you guys touring in China? Enjoy and take care!! By the way, I love the view from your apartment. :) Have a great week!