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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

bright eyes/her space holiday - contrast and compare

On most days I leave the house looking like a runaway. These three bags in tow, weigh me down everywhere I go. The woes of life without a car, without a boot. Will I ever get used to it?




It's ironic. This is really quite a small city. I heard from someone, you can drive from end to end in just one hour. Yet everyday, I seem to spend hours and hours zig-zagging the city, back and forth. Commuting, bus to rail, rail to bus. Commuting until my pair of legs just can't keep up.

Maybe it's time to buy a car, a golf cart, a trolley...?
Maybe, then, I wouldn't look so weighed down and lost like I do here.

dress - jimmy d
bike shorts - zara
man bag - burberry


noura. said...

ombre hair! jealous

Noelle Chantal said...

Really? You can just drive from end to end in an hour? What a small city! Hehe :) Oh my, unending walks plus cummuting sounds so draining. Good luck, I hope you'll find an easy stress free way to work. Love the bag and the dress :) Have a great week!

Joana said...

Where do you live? I don't use a car because it gets more expensive than using public transportation, even though my dad bought a car for his wife and I to use. I have to drag myself around carrying laptop and books all the time, it gets so tiresome - I know how you feel.

Eloise said...

Thanks for you comment! and no i dont mind the ranting! i rant all the time its just banter. But yeah, i agree completely with you. You know even now CDs are slowly being outnumbered by downloads and itunes. but i love CDs and having them to play on the cd player and even if they do die out im not gonna get rid of them! i did that with my cassets too, although i was about nine when cassets died out i think. But you're right, i think it will be the same years to come and although things change the theme always remains the same.

Love these photos by the way!
Ta :)

kirafashion said...

Fantastic shots :DDD

Joana said...

It's such a drag to have to be carrying around all that stuff. I'm sorry to say I've never been to neither Singapore nor New Zealand.

Néhémie said...

WOW!! Amazing outfit as always! The jimmy d dress is fabulous :o Love how you wore it with the black-white-striped shorts and creepers! The contrast with the men's bag, which isn't too strong but still there, is cool! "calm-cool" fit all in all :D
PS: Hope you guys are doing well? :)

Néhémie said...

Oh and the bag kind of reminds me on a bag I saw at TK last summer ! Dope!

l i s a z h a n g said...

i so know the feeling of over commuting, since coming home, i've driven everywhere!

i say buy a golf cart!
they look so damn fun but cute!

is the move to singapore temp or more perm?


Lucinda said...

Beautiful bag. I used to use a mens travel bag as my main bag but had to stop when I realised I was causing myself shoulder pain from overloading it!

Marissa said...

With a bag this stylish, I don't know if you could ever look like a runaway!

Jason said...

Travel light!

The Girl With a Feather said...

I'm sure you'll get used to it soon! You look so gorgeous and chic which is an added bonus! Hope you're well :)

galatea. said...

whatever the journey, you pull it off so well with that look its perfect x

and big bags rock!

i promise, all this walking will pay off. with sexy legs hehe!

Jeanne-Ange said...

Matter of fact you look awesome when you look lost (does this even make sense?) haha. The slit on the side of the dress = perfect-placed!!! Yup, you two rock! :D

Samantha Morris said...

Don't worry about commuting everyday, you still lookin' good honey! You still have a very sexy legs and oh the tote bag! I like it for having a deep pouch which you can keep all your things in one place.

le pearl said...

Ahhh a refreshing outfit, I love the cuts up that dress, gives me ideassss.

U said...

love your hair, really amazing blog! :)

Maria said...

Don't you just wish humans had invented real ways to nice would that be! And nice outfit too by the way :)