Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Smiths - Girlfriend in a Coma

I really can't figure out, how did we ever let it come to this? Appalled at ourselves. Can't you just imagine, typing in the address of your very very own blog which holds a soft spot deep down in your heart and gut - and to suddenly find it replaced by a repulsive sight like the above image???

It was a rude awakening.

Leaving us alarmed and clamouring to bring it all back to life before we lost it all in the infinite chasm of digital limbo. We're screaming now at the top of our lungs, just to proclaim, 'We're still alive! We're still here.'

Let's put it all behind us, pretend like it never happened. We promise to never do that again. We promise to save up all our ten dollar bills for Mr. Google so that we can keep this little space, ours.

P.S. Even when we were in a coma, there were those of you that sat by us and even sang to us, we just can't thank you enough. There were many of you, in fact I remember a quartet or choir. All you angels. Nehemie, we're so grateful for the beautiful poem you wrote us. We're so glad it didn't have to become our Eulogy!


Dress Code: High Fashion said...

Good that you woke up. I almost visit your site daily (since I like the two of you so much), just to find it not updated :/

Please come back soon.

Hugs, Jenny

Jason said...

Yea what happened here? Priorities ANE :>

Jason said...

Priorities A.N.E. When is this blog back live?

Dee said...

Are you guys still in Singapore? :) Just thought of more stuff to introduce to you guys - we have a huge 'blogshop' shopping culture here and the clothes are pretty good and cheap!

Visit popular apparel sites like (they do sell good pieces at times, though the general style's not really me, but they have good customer service and good quality clothes)

Have fun!
Hope to read more of your blogposts soon, I really miss them.

Néhémie said...

You really deserved it :) The way you two blog is just beyond comparison :) Thanks for the nice words xoxo

A.n.E said...

@All: We really miss you guys too, and posting!

@Dee: Yeah we're still in singapore! We've checked out the shops in haji lane and we'll be sure to check these out too, i'd have to agree, good price especially when you find that perfectly experimental piece! p.s thanks for your tips ;)

Marissa said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry I wasn't around to support you during this. It's been a busy fall, but that's no excuse. I'm so glad things are back to normal now. The interwebs just wouldn't be the same without you! ;)