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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I guess you'll all be wanting an explanation then, want us to elaborate on exactly where we have been and why we've taken this long to come around?

Well, here's the thing: at first the apartment had no lights. So after we got lights put in, there was no internet. When we got the internet installed, we realised it wasn't wireless, so then we had to get a router. After that we realised I had to install some programs to get at those RAW format files. After the programs got sussed, it just felt like in the whole apartment, there were no tables, no desk, no place to comfortably sit in front of the laptop. So then, of course we had to sort that out.

Here I am, at the dining table with metres and metres of extension cords and multi-plugs, finally wired up and ready to come back round. Ready to fill you in.

Donawhale - doremi










A month into Amanda's job here, working 10-5 and more.
Adjusting to busing and mrt-ing everywhere - life without a car.
Carrying groceries home.
Carrying IKEA home.
Carrying everything home.

Cabs are a treat - reserved for rainy days and accidental sleep-ins.
Comfort food is cedeles. Yet to find another place that serves baps and sandwiches as trusty and readily available.
Missing the windiness of Auckland - and the whole of New Zealand as a matter of fact.
Missing the little grocer - as we have stated in numerous occasions.

Dealing with the fact that we left most of our wardrobe in Auckland.
Living on basics, wardrobe-wise.
Buying Muji and Uniqlo to deal with that.

In the process of finding ways to face the heat.
Sweat is a fact of life.
Appropriately obsessed with visors, and anything white or linen-y.

In the process of creating new traditions and habits.
Walks in historic streets and quarters.

Pot plant count is... zilch. boo hoo.


galatea. said...

that was such a lovely read. it reminds me of when i moved to Malaysia and then to Australia, and how i struggled living in a suitcase, limited stuff, new everythings, frustrations..! i am soo excited for you xx

Dress Code: High Fashion said...

Welcome back to the real world :)

Jason said...

Finally some pictures! Yay. I might... might be visiting Singapore in December. Will let you know. Trying to find a cheaper flight without being screwed over by the airlines.

Eloise said...

beautiful photos... just took a look at the website and i am so happy to find it! woah!

galatea. said...

just read your msg!

yes, it's been pretty funny how similar are situations were/are ..

i'm filipina, and have lived half my life in manila and the other half in los angeles. spent a few months as a full time model in kuala lumpur, and moved to brisbane to live with my boyfriend for a year. now i'm back in LA and settling until my feet get itchy again..!

it's soo nice to hear that many others go through the same adventures, troubles, lessons, experiences that i have. it's almost comforting to hear x

i <3 another international free-spirit like u x

sewa elf said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

kirafashion said...

amazing view...

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

We love your blog! Super cute!

Amazing photos too!

Many Greets,
Wardrobe Stylists, NYC


miche purses said...

the smiths - good choice. works with the photos


I miss you guys and all these beautiful images too. for a while the link to your blog on my site didn't work. but im glad you commented because now i've found you again.

l i s a z h a n g said...

missed you amazing girls so so much!
glad you guys are back online!

got less than a week left in japan!
heaps to share!


Jeanne-Ange said...

I hope you guys setlled down by now :) Glad that you are back to regular posting and all most regular living :) x