Saturday, August 6, 2011


Currently in Singapore. Moved into my new apartment with no lights, no phone, and no internet. No furniture either, except for an inflatable aerobed (which is surprisingly comfortable by the way). Armed with an iPad and 3G (our last means of keeping in contact with the world), expect some short updates, just to say, we're still alive. You'll find we've been doing our own share of tweetering too, so drop us a line there!

As we try to turn the empty apartment into a home, i'm quickly realizing pot plants are your best friends. And that all this time I've taken our local Resene paintshop for granted, and not everyplace in the world has access to hundreds of shades of white (and black)! Apart from that, life's good - I just wish I had more pot plants.

1.Hanging pots at the Bugis market.


Francesca said...

omg! hope the transition goes great for you in singapore! i miss that place so much :( xx opinionslave
/ twitter: @opinionslave

Chrysa said...

You have great images in your blog! Very modern and stylish:) I love your sense of style:)

Following you on Bloglovin, I would love it if you liked my blog and followed me back!

Stories and Sequins

Dress Code: High Fashion said...

Moving is the worst thing...I still remember how I spend the first night in my first own appartment - surrounded by walls with wet paint and nothing but me and my bed in the middle of the "place of construction". Transition is a scary thing.

I hope you can make it your home soon! My thoughts are with you.

Best, Jenny

l i s a z h a n g said...

say what?
why are you guys in singapore?!

i always wanted pot plants
but i can't even look after myself let alone low maintenance plants
they always die on me =(

good luck with the change of environment hope it will be great inspirational jump for you guys!


Noelle Chantal said...

Wow, you ladies are in Singapore now? Can't believe it happened so quick! Anyway, I wish you both the best in SG and I hope everything will run smoothly to you guys.

For now, enjoy the new weather, foods and sights there! I hope the new apartment will be organized soon. Do collect pot plants, they'll make you and the place happy and fresh looking! :)

Néhémie said...

Hey you two lovely people :D I've been thinking on blogging about you guys and your blog , but in order to do that I need your agreement for using your pictures or even blogging about 'accessoryofcrime' ! :D So I'm asking: Can I? :) Please inform me weather you're agreeable or not :) Open for any kind of answer! Hope hearing again from you soon xoxo

Annette said...

I hope in the meantime you all feel better and at home in your new place! pot plants are my best friends, too. living creatures around me when nobody else is. well, I wish you the best! and that you can enjoy the new influences coming up.

xx Annette

Mari said...

You are doing so great with such a radical move. I love the pot-plants too.

Can't wait for more posts.


-La Copine


Andres Gallardo Cruz said...

eiii...kisses from Madrid

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