Sunday, June 19, 2011



Here we go again, keeping you all out of the loop! Sorry about that. We're not really back yet. We've been in Sydney - completely internetless except for these 30 minutes of complimentary net time.

Here are some shots we took in Auckland a little while ago. We took about 70 shots and we just seem to be drawn to these ones. Twisted, dark, witchy feel.

In short, we're still here, still alive. Hopefully things will get more settled soon.


Dress: Vintage (Liebemarlene Vintage)
Knit: Vintage
Bolo: Vintage


Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely!


venera-r said...

I loooooove this outfit and I love this pictures and I love the way your hair *-*
I think I'm in love with this post!

galatea. said...

soo dreamy <3

love that blue on you.

The Girl With a Feather said...

Oh I love these photos, so mysterious!

camerafilmroll said...

The first image is hauntingly beautiful!

Noelle Chantal said...

I LOVE the photos!!! I hate you ladies for snapping such haunting and yes, witchy photos!! I feel like you'll gonna cast a spell on me on the first one, hehe. Super love!!!

I have the same necklace too, now I know how am I gonna wear it, thanks to you. Love the hues of blue in this outfit. :)

Hope you girls are doing great!

Anonymous said...

wow, super mysterious... but I enjoy looking at this kind of "blue mood" - fotos! love, Franziska

Boheme Noir said...

Wow! Reminds me of Blairwitch Project. I like.

Andres Gallardo Cruz said...

love the first picture, remembers me a murakami book.

thesselle said...

Creepy and Fabolous. The very first pic looks like a scene from some kind of author's movie.
Dramatic hands, intense look..
Great job, as always

le pearl said...

ahhh so calming. Love the colours and that jacket.

Néhémie said...

I finally made the post about you two lovely people :D I think it got pretty good :D How do you like it? :) I can change anything you want :D xoxo

miche purses said...

dark indeed, specially the last one. Intense