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Monday, May 23, 2011

singapore chinatown

So by the time you read this, we'll probably be arriving in Singapore. We'll be there for a week. It was such short notice, in fact we just booked our tickets on Friday.

I've been thinking for a few weeks now, whether to move to Singapore. So we're giving it a chance and will be going over for job interviews and apartment hunting. Of course this trip is not strictly business. We'll be mrt riding, grabbing some local bites, trying to discover some local hang-outs and snapping away like true tourists. So what's on the horizon? Change and uncertainty.

Oh,reminds me, we went through the trouble of hunting down a hotel that is convenient and has free wifi (you've got no idea how rare that is) so keep in touch.

Speaking of boarding airplanes and long-haul flights, we always happen to be listening to froufrou; dosing off, slipping in-and-out of consciousness through the tracks. Lately, we found Mt Eden Dubstep's mix. We've probably just listened to it non stop.

Mt Eden Dubstep - Let Go


Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly happy to find this. Good job!

R.Y said...

I'm a Singaporean from Singapore and I really adore reading your blog though I never leave comments because I am a shy person by nature!

I'm surprised that you both would contemplate a move to Singapore because all I hear from foreigners and locals alike is how much they want to get out of this hot and humid island/how much they hate this place etc.

Do explore Duxton Hill (quirky Japanese cake shops, book shops and little cafes there), Ann Siang Hill and the many parks we have here. Even this little place called Changi Village - it's a place stuck in the 1970s. You might even want to consider a visit to Dempsey Road, though the food there's pretty pricey.

I especially love these shops at Duxton Hill, Ann Siang Hill and Tiong Bahru (another must-go place)

--> Amazing Japanese desserts

I've also heard good things about this Italian- restaurant located on East Coast

And this is a glimpse of Singapore's street style:

Hope you both will enjoy your trip here!

Anonymous said...

awesome!hurry up and move your arse permanently to singapore please!haha, best of luck for your interviews em.
yes and do come visit me, i've relocated recently - now working in a german firm in shanghai. contact me if you're ever in sh.
p.s. i know i still haven't replied to your email from last century. you really need msn or skype, i seriously prefer catching up 'instantly', because it's efficient and requires less brain power. work is exhausting, you'll understand once you start lol.

Boheme Noir said...

What a lovely, mysterious & slightly nostalgic / melancholic picture!

I wish you luck in Singapore - may happen whatever is good for you!

A.n.E said...

@ R.Y: wow! what a comprehensive list! can't wait to try these out...:P will start exploring these spots properly on wednesday! yay. ps. we remember, you've dropped us a line before, the last time we were in singapore! Thank you so much :D

A.n.E said...

@ Anonymous (aka HC!)
At the moment it's just one of us possibly moving to singapore, but you never know I might change my mind...:P
What firm you at, not Lab? haha thanks, in all your exhaustion you're still checking up on me here.. apparently its the most efficient way afterall! I hat replying emails and IM too. just ask some others that I haven't replied for... decades.

A.n.E said...

@ Boheme Noir
thank you for your wishes:)

Noelle Chantal said...

Wow you ladies in Singapore now? Good luck with the interview and apartment haunting. I wish you girls all the best there! With your style and taste, Singapore is the right place for the both of you. :)

I'm planning to go there as well, and then ride a train going to Bangkok. I think that's possible. :)

And gosh, the previous post, with those photos, beautiful shots!! Love the pieces worn and the mood as usual :)

Anonymous said...

did it take you sometime to realise that it was me? i cant believe we are actually catching up by going back and forth on your blog's comments lol. mengster's the one heading LAB's way next month, but i am sure you know that already. (once i asked her what LAB stood for, and she said Lame Architecture Brand HAHA!that one's hilarious!) btw i'm with gmp. i know right, see how i make an effort checking up on your blog still every now and then lol. you got skype? get it pls, we should talk.

A.n.E said...

@ HC
took me no time at all! no one else i actually know leaves comments here... I think. Skype? hm, i could ey.

Jakub MaƄkowski said...

look nice

classiq said...

I've heard such wonderful things about Singapore. I would love to visit. Hope you have a great time there and good luck with your moving plans. :) Ada

laura said...

ah your comment made my day, indeed london calling. and singapore for you i see ! man that sounds exciting, neer been to NZ either though. wickeeeed !

Jason said...

Isnt that song a remix of a song on that movie Garden state? And yes you guys are terrible at replying emails... that is definitely true.

Marissa said...

Moving to Singapore? Well that's kind of a big deal. Good luck, whatever you decide!

galatea. said...

i love that blue- soo warm x

aki! said...

...Well! That would be quite a change. Change brings new opportunities though, and I admire anyone who can make it.

Anonymous said...

Takk fyrir ahugaverd blog

Anonymous said...

i realy hope you can move to singapore. Beside the hot unbearable weather, it might surprise you!

Francesca said...

I love singapore :) i plan to go back there one day, not sure if i could live there but i stayed there for about 3 weeks and i loved it :)

miche purses said...

singapore... i'm jealous! the good thing is we all know you will keep us posted :)