Monday, May 30, 2011



Lucite Tokki -생일

Felt pretty spoilt at times in our stay in Singapore - chilling out at skyhigh lounges with prized views, skylines, citylights, cocktails and canapes which pretty much substituted dinner. Our days were spent on a tight schedule district hopping east-to-west, north and south looking for the right apartment. Yes, it became quite a routine. Just as we suspected in Singapore, it's all business before pleasure. So routinely we stalled some time between cocktails and bed, hitting the local sale.

Now, we've touched down in Auckland and we're chasing the time - it's all a blur. Sleep-deprived, jet-lagged and... 'Could someone please turn off the air-conditioning? No, wait. It's the cold i'm feeling.' So add in blocked ears and a runny nose to the mix of it all.



Prisoner of Fashion said...

cool.so like it.



galatea. said...

these are beautiful photographs. singapore is soo innovative and fresh x

Noelle Chantal said...

Love the night lights on the first photo. Oh, welcome back guys! I hope the trip went well, the apartment haunting and everything. I'm listening to the music Lucite Tokki and I'm actually loving her voice :)

Have a great day!

Boheme Noir said...

OMG the first picture is so cool! So "the future is now". (Reminds me of the lastest -very good- Batman movie).

These modern skyscraper-cities are fascinating & appalling to me at the same time. On the one hand they seem so futuristic & efficient, on the other hand they seem depersonalized, anonymous & a cultural wasteland...

I`d love to visit for a weekend but I`ll always live in my beloved old europe where every stone breathes history & culture.