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Thursday, April 28, 2011

asos dress with glasses

asos dress with glasses

Since the Easter weekend, the rain comes down on-and off, on-and off. The air, no longer warm. I find myself searching for a more tangible source. And for the first time this year, I dug out my knits and skinny jeans, marking the start of colder and shorter days. No more flouncing around in sleeveless tops -outdoors at least.

These photos are from late summer/early fall, about a month ago. Since, I can't have summer around me, I thought, I'll recreate.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Before Long

asos dress with glasses

asos dress with glasses

asos dress with glasses
Dress: Asos
Hi-top: Converse
Glasses: Vintage from Sydney


venera-r said...

and I like the dress

LaurenSchoon said...

Cute pictures! That dress is adorable!

Andres Gallardo Cruz said...

i would love to meet you in Madrid !!!

I'm starting to sell in Madrid, I'm very happy.

Marlene said...

wow,I love the pictures <3 especially the dress:)

Boheme Noir said...

*ARGH* I want a peanutbutter & jelly sandwich for breakfast now!

thesselle said...

lovely dress, and come on, summer will shortly be back!
I'm gonna miss wearing leather jackets.

Dee O. said...

very nice! all the photos on your blog are amazing :)


camerafilmroll said...

I thought it was a pretty little kid in the first image then I realized that it was actually you! You look extremely lovely! (:

chelsea jade said...

thank you for sharing your loveliness - here and for my video!

its great to see beautiful blogs emerging from new zealand..

x chelsea

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so beautiful. x hivenn

hannah, heart city said...

simply gorgeous!

LADY REBEL said...


A.n.E said...

Thank you all :P!

@Andres: You're on! you'll be hearing from us if ever we're in Madrid.

@thesselle: Yeah, i know, you're right. I do love winter too. I think what's painful is not that summer is over... but change.

@camerafilmroll: haha thanks!

@chelseajade: aww you are truly amazing and so is your work.. + lovely too!

lovendel said...

What a cute dress!

Anonymous said...

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Miche Purses said...

I had a dress just like that at that same age. Good times!