In the Tea-Room: Brokenporcelain

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ok, so we're about to revive a little segment on our blog that you probably never knew existed. We've only ever excercised it once before, you see.

Here's the thing. We often come across many lovely, intriguing & inspiring people. They often also do wonderful things. Which, we want to know much more about. Frankly in our opinion, they're kind of underated. So instead of keeping them to ourselves, we'll have a quick light-hearted chat with them "
In the Tea-Room".

Today we had a good talk "
In the Tea-Room" with Andrés Gallardo, the creator behind Brokenporcelain. His works of art are an assemblage of porcelain sculptures, symbols and icons reconstructed into scenes of wearable jewelery. We'll let him tell you all about it.



Name, City, Age:
Andrés Gallardo, Madrid, 34

What is your craft?
fashion designer

Material of choice:
porcelain figurines, leather, gold

Talk us through your process of designing and making a piece.
The idea of B r o k e n p o r c e l a i n is to use ready-made porcelain figurines. The design process is to break these apart; treatment of polish and paint; then engage with other materials like leather and gold.

Your work is truly unique. How would you describe the pieces you make? Where does it come from, any inspirations?
The idea occurred to me in Berlin, walking with my boyfriend in the markets. I love the porcelain figurines, the material is very fine and elegant. Immediately I wanted to bring all this to my world, that is fashion. I thought that by breaking it [porcelain figurines], I could get the parts that I like. So, it was, I discovered a new world in my life.

I love the animals figurines, I break them and hang things that come from the body, such as flowers or red crystal balls that mimic blood. Sometimes animal lovers unite in one piece, and in others, run one after another, to eat each other.

Any secret obsessions:
What do you collect?
now, porcelain figurines

One thing you can't live without:

Coffee or tea?

What gets your creativity going?
music, the people, art...

Music of choice when you're working?
mostly, classical music



1.Magicjungle by Brokenporcelain. 2.Andrés gallardo by Jonaypmatos 3.Magicjungle(close up) by Brokenporcelain. 4. Jewelery by Brokenporcelain.

See more here.


Boheme Noir said...

The necklaces are really pretty & creative. I`d wear them.

I`ll never become a fan of brushed-up eyebrows though...

Collections said...

Those necklaces are stunning and so unique!

Fashionable Collections

andres gallardo Cruz said...

eiii, thanks a lot !!!

kisses from Madrid

thesselle said...



The dude's a genius.

Ginta said...

Beautiful! The fish piece is amazing!

A.n.E said...

sorry :( my fat fingers accidentally deleted your comment!
-yeah Andres pieces are amazing!

Cylia said...

how cool is this post.. really liked reading and going through it:) thanks for sharing this.. lovely written aswell. hope you're having a fab weekend!

lovendel said...

Cute and unique necklaces!!

The Girl With a Feather said...

This is great! I loved reading this! Can't wait to hopefully see more of these kinds of posts!

Burning Skies said...

The necklaces are amazing and so creative!

naomi said...

the elephants! such a beautifully crafted piece of jewelry.

A.n.E said...

@ all: Lovin' all the positive feedback for Andrés' jewelry and our little "In the Tea-Room" segment!
We will definitely be doing more of these.

galatea. said...

beautiful animal pieces! i want that elephant one x

Evelin said...

His works are amazing!

Thank you so much for sharing :)

Der Schöne & Das Biest said...

really inspiring blog and lovely pictrues. greetings martin&vanessa

miche purses said...

making porcelain cool jewelry. very nice :)

Alexa Parcs said...

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