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Sunday, March 27, 2011



For some lighthearted relief, we thought we'd share with you all a little infatuation that has been brewing strong in the past 3 months. Firstly, it's the desire to travel (but you all know about that one already). Secondly, the desire to travel in South Korea.

Where did this young love sprout from? I guess it all started when we first stumbled on thank you, ok. It's a wonderfully charming blog written by Katie Merchant who previously lived in Seoul. She documents her life and wanderings in the narrow streets of Seoul. Through her eyes we are invited to a side of Seoul that we never knew of; the art; craft; ingenius make-shift urbanism in the form of mini-cafes, pop-up stores and markets. All characterised by their warm homely charm. A whole different world to the limited bit of K-pop we have come in contact with.

From then on, we were quickly acquainted with a whole set of blogs with one thing in common, South Korea. Thank you, wowsan, Satu Palander, little miss twig, for letting us teleport there sometimes. And recandplay, thank you for the music (maybe more on them later?). Teleport with us. We promise, we'll also share with you a not-so-young love, food. Korean food. Mmm.

It's a mystery, why can we never convince our korean friends to go out for korean food with us?

10cm - 오늘밤은 어둠이 무서워요







This food looks so yum,i love that cabbage with the red stuff(dont know what its called)
Been so long since i have had Korean food. Last time i ate ox tounge without knowing and kinda freaked out...was pretty funny lol.

The Theta thing wasn't so scarey although i was pretty anxious on my way there.Its not like proper hypnosis but more like guided meditation.Your in control and are aware the whole time but the result is incredible.
I'm getting all my friend vouchers to go for their Bdays, it made me feel so much better.

Also just checked out thank you,ok and have totally fallen inlove, its so sweet.
Off to check out the others :)


The Alchemist said...

Hi there,

I really like your blog and have been following it since last year:) Great job!

Please come and visit mine too.

Linnea said...

I'm loving these photos. The grain! So lovely.

Boheme Noir said...


noura. said...

i really really love your blog

Angelika said...

look so gooood! yummy!

Francesca said...

ASIAN FOOD NOMMMMM. i cant wait until i go to china. i love asia ^_^ said...

Yay! I'm going on Tuesday! :)

Collections said...

my boyfriend is korean and I absolutely LOVE korean food. He has lots of family still in korea so I'd love to visit some time as well. The food here in queens is pretty good so I can only imagine how good it is actually in Korea!

Collections said...

ahhh (another comment even though I just commented!) the last picture is my favorite, the jellied acorn. Omg it's amazing.

kittenmasks said...

I'm biased, being Korean and all, but Seoul is seriously one of the most dynamic cities I've ever visited. It's different every single year I go, and there's always something new that's sprung up. If you ever do make it there, I'll be more than happy to make some personal recommendations of must-see places.