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Monday, March 21, 2011


Ryuichi Sakamoto - Loneliness







Many of the moments above evoke scenes that we personally associate with Japan, or rather, Tokyo. But flooding our minds for this past week and a half are the following images: water everywhere, cars ships homes pilling up, homes washed out to sea, swirling waters, endless rubble fields, steaming nuclear plants, exploding nuclear plants, Naoto Kan, side-turned ships, snow, fire, elderly people - cold huddling together in drafty shelters. A world turned upside down.

Though there has been alot of fear, panic, confusion, the world over, yet it also brings to mind a time of complete strangers caring for each other; of people risking their own safety or wellbeing for the wellbeing of others; of nations regardless of differences or a past, responding to others in need. This readiness to help others, regardless, is something we want to hold onto.

Now 9 days on from Japan's Tsunami, the news coverage has now, ever so slightly, begun to subside. It's also almost 1 month on from Christchurch's earthquake. But for the people in the midst of the turmoil, even after the news cameras turn away, their suffering and trials are far from over. We continue to remember these people, pray for them and support them. We also came across a nice way we'll be supporting Japan. We fell in love with a certain poster designed by James White (the "help japan" poster above), where 100% of proceeds of poster sales will go to Red Cross in Japan.

1.Help Japan print from Signalnoise. 2.Rush hour in Tokyo - marcusuke. 3.Handles - Walkthworld1. 4.Quotes of the day - Time. 5.Geta - ai*. 6.Eiheiji Stroll - Ame Otoko. 7.A day on the Yamonoto line: Shinagawa- fabuchan. 8.One summer day - motocchio. 9. Shibuya: Leader of the pack - akumach.


Francesca said...

Seriously the #1 place I want to go has always been Japan because i love everything about their culture and i just love the city.. so devastating that this has happened.
my boyfriend said that once i get 1000 followers he will support me more with helping me take photos because he groans when i ask him to help me. bet that wont change -_- well i've started using a tripod now anyways. it's annoying going back and forth though ><


The other afternoon as i was leaving work there was a group of Japanese students with signs handing out red cross photocopies to help Japan, some were crying and others was totally devastating. I can't even start to imagine how horrible it would be for them all.

This poster is beautiful,also the pictures.


noura. said...

i have always wanted to go to japan. it's been my dream. i have donated and will convince others to as well.

Boheme Noir said...

Very deep, touching & thoughtful post.

I`m praying for Japan that this catastrophe finally comes to an end and people can start rebuilding.

jamie-lee said...

You raise a good point - after a couple weeks the news begin to subside about these awful events, it almost seems like they're forgotten (not really but no longer the forefront of many thoughts) while all those people are still trying to rebuild the lives they once had. I can only pray for Japan that it only gets better from here on.

The Girl With a Feather said...

The images of the loss and pain is unbearable, but the kindness and companionship I've seen on the news touches my heart too. My thoughts go out to Japan and New Zealand.

Christine said...

It was devastating news. Such an unfortunate event.

le pearl said...

beautiful post, the Kimono women make me want to dress up. Sighhhh, I adore Japan.