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Wednesday, March 9, 2011











Lugging my camera around my neck, a map or two in tow. Locals/Passers-by chatting away; they always sound interesting but I don't understand a word ~can't register~ with just body language to help interpret the conversation they could be having. Street signs, shop windows are just much more curious when covered in words I can't decipher. Walking down the street. Thrifting in the markets. Seeing artworks in the museums and the squares. I miss the feeling of being in a foreign city.

Bought a huge box of tomatoes from the market on Sunday. Been making bottles and bottles of sauce & chutney ever since. I think I'm obsessed with the idea of stocking up or bottling. Be it tomato sauce, tomato chutney or the kimchi I made last month. Which reminds me, we're running out.

1.Silverware. 2.Accordian. 3.Gems. 4.Giant bubble-bubbles. 5.Nose and mouth sculpture in Neues Museum.6.Hairpin collection. 7.Mauerpark. 8.Ancient scripts. 9.Installation in Alexanderplatz. 10.Lego men.


o s o p o l a r said...

I would love, I love your blog. thank you very much!

Ginta said...

Hair pins! Looks amazing!

Boheme Noir said...

What magical photos!

The silverware is my fave.

Isn`t it amazing how things make a whole new impression / become something different when they`re piled up!?

They lose their individuality but what do they gain?

Moniek said...

Cool pictures!

Riz said...

I love trinkets. Especially when they're foreign. I love those egg-like dangling things. Home decor inspiration! haha Wouldn't mind those bouncing off my walls.

+ thanks for stopping by! I am currently indulging in your photographic adventures :)

l i s a z h a n g said...

great photos!
i love the one of the bubbles, such a different warped perspective of the background!'


STEFANIE said...

nice pics :)

jamie-lee said...

God these photos are beautiful! Can't wait to see more x

Wild Flower said...

These are really quite incredible images. Thats amazing you make sauces and chutneys etc...something I always intend to do but never quite happens. P.S your blog is great!

Marissa said...

So glad you lugged your camera around! These photos are worth it.


Hair pins,Gems...LEGO!
My kind of markets.
That installtion is so cool.
I'm so jealous of your outing!

miche purses said...

good photos. love the third one