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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Dolphin Beach Art

Our old film camera has been out of service for a lil' while so we thought we'd take it out for a test drive with some expired Kodak Supra 400's we found in a stash of our brother's things. There will always be something magical about shooting with film as opposed to digital. It seems a little dust of that moment (with all emotions involved) is encapsulated in the 6x4 before you. There's always a sense of anticipation/surprise of how the photos will turn out. This batch is fresh from the developers, then the scanner. A particularly peaceful and quiet day at the beach.

The Morning Benders - Wet Cement


water droplets


footprints in sand






laura said...

reminds me of a supertacky camera nerd site quote: "shooting digital is like masturbation, shooting film is like having sex" ..
but yeah, actually having i second you on the feeling.
i decided while ago that i'm only gonna shoot film the next months (since i currently also have the possibility to develop the films myself). so, film yay ! prettypretty.


The pictures turned out lovely.
I really want to get myself a good camera this year and lear how to take photos.
You always have such beautiful photos.


Boheme Noir said...

I want to be by the sea too!

l i s a z h a n g said...

i love these photos!
film camera's are sooooooo amazing, the colours are just so much more course and saturated.

glad i found ur blog!


jamie-lee said...

such beautiful photos - you're right, we have some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, yet sometimes you can almost forget.

Jason said...

Love this set! Well done girls :) Loving the progress your making. Keep them coming! The first 2 are my favourite.:]

PS: Email me if you need any more tips about photo stuff etc. The camera store still hasnt called me regarding your polaroid films.


Susu Paris Chic said...

I sense the calm. I stay. I appreciate.

Floddertje said...

Hi, thanks for your comment, i was really happy to read it.
Have a nice sunday!