A white-rust Wonderland.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011



I know we said we would be right here with you over these Christmas-New Year transition days, but we couldn't help but be minutely absent. The beach and the sun was beckoning to us; much of Auckland was still in sleep-mode; plus, it does the blogging world good to take little breaks and conserve some arsenals of energy to fuel this new year.

Ha, hear me and my b.s. excuses. To confess I've had my nose stuck way too far into another Murakami, 'Hard-boiled Wonderland and the End of the World', unable to even pull myself far away enough to write this post. Never fear, I have resurfaced and I'm conscious again, atleast until next time. Tell me, how are you all faring in these post-New Year days? Your world still in sleep-mode or is it straight to business?




dress : Muji
jeans : Asos denim
creepers : demonia


Sally said...

Great dress, very versatile!

Jeans Please! said...

so sensual, love it <3

The Sound of Lace said...

i have those same creepers....LUV!! gorgeous dress!!

♥ thesoundoflace.blogspot.com ♥

Boheme Noir said...

It`s amazing how lovely, tender & feminine you look in these shoes!!!

Angy said...

oh love your creepers, are perfect for this outfit!



BEAUTIFUL, you are now on my blogroll

Heart Charlie said...

I love this outfit! So incredible, those shoes are such an interesting twist :)

jamie-lee said...

such a gorgeous dress! i've been looking for one similar. well I like you have had my "nose" stuck in the books, just got in an amazon order :)

hope you're having a lovely 2011 x

le pearl said...

what a key versatile piece. It reminds me of my friend's Cohen et Sabine top for some reason. Most of all i am diggin those creepers <3

Alecto said...

the voluminosity of the dress is enviable. i love how sheer it is. and the jeans! ach. i love a good pair of colored jeans.

johanna said...

loooove your creepers. I really need to buy a pair myself.