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Monday, December 6, 2010




We are so excited to share with you all some new pieces that we have picked out for our store. Garments that we had forgotten about, and this weekend - fallen in love with them once again. It just got me thinking why I don't wear these myself anymore?? Okay, no time to get sentimental here. They will surely be up in the store by the end of this week. We really think you'll love them.

Yea it's that time of year: snow down in the bucket-fuls, planes stranded, vacation plans going haywire, 'snow' aka fake snow, Claus, polystyrene Snowman and their families are camping in the department store/malls down the road. Everywhere I see (including my inbox), someone is reminding me how many days left till Christmas or that I should be busy with my 'Christmas list'.

But.. The sun is in full bloom, there are clear blue skies, strawberries, fresh strawberry ice-creams, a healthy and maturing vegetable patch in the backyard, 8pm sunsets, the beach is getting warm and inviting, it all screams summer getaway or a road-trip - these things I love. And contrary to the ideals of the season, this is what Christmas is like in New Zealand (and possibly the rest of the Southern hemisphere too).

In true NZ christmas spirit, Little Monster Studio have created a refreshing Christmas album 'A Very Little Christmas' for all Christmas grinches out there or anyone who wants a taste of a Summer Christmas. But they are by no means grinches themselves in fact they couldn't be more generous, the album is free to download here.
And here's a taster:

Red dress: Nom*d
Nude dress: Vintage
Shorts: Zara
Wedge: Zara


Anonymous said...

i love the styling of the outfit- very bright and colorful! great post!


classiq said...

loove that red dress! dreaming of summer on a cold winter day. :)

jamie-lee said...

god that dress is beautiful - loving red! x

El said...

I love red dresses. Always wanted to buy some but I haven´t yet found one.. I mean special one. Because red dress isn´t just a dress.:))
PS: Thank you too for your lovely comment;)

Have a wonderful day!

Dylana Suarez said...

Gorgeous color!


Ginta said...

Red is perfect for summer! I'll have to wait couple (6 :)) of months to wear mine :)

Boheme Noir said...

Your pictures are always lively & dynamic. I love that.

Putu Eka said...

ahaaa...reds is awesome....
tahts cool..

i have followed your twitter and blogger

Raez said...

gorgeous!!! that shade of red is just stunning.

xx raez

Jason said...

Red really stands out on grey cloudy days! Love the contrast with the background..