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Monday, December 20, 2010



If you haven't already, it's time to enter our giveaway! One of you will win a piece of Accessoryofcrime Jewelry. A Tiger-eye Stone Choker. We've been meaning to show you the prize for days, but the weather's been getting in the way of that - sorry for the delay. Those of you living in wintery months, you may be satisfied to hear that our Summer Parade's been rained on for 4 days straight - and still counting. On the bright side, the vege patch won't need watering then. Hope you like the prize! And thanks for your entries! (Hope you're having fun with the Trivia!)






Francesca said...

love your jewellery creation <3 and have i mentioned how much i love your blog? and... yeah it sucks. i wouldn't be surprised if she was actually following you. ARGH. whateverrrr lol.

F. (

Boheme Noir said...

Cool jewellery. The lace makes a great combination. Awesome!

Ginta said...

I absolutely love your lace top!

Linda said...

The detail of your blouse is really beautiful!! Great style and awesome blog.

Sally said...

Thanks so much:)
This necklace is the coolest!

Anonymous said...

that shirt is gorgeous!

Aubrey. said...

you have some really great pics here!
following love!

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