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Thursday, December 23, 2010



Such a great feeling waking up to a clear blue sky after a week of muggy air and copious amounts of rain. Today, finishing off our last errands in the much dreaded mall, fighting off crowds of families for a beach kit for our 19-month old niece. She'll be ready to hit the beach soon, her nautical stripe one-piece and jet-plane floater in tow. But still no success teaching her to say 'Merry Christmas' ...maybe by Boxing Day.

Ok, so we are a bit unorthodox here on the Christmas tradition front, especially with the parentals away. so Christmas high-tea it will be. No ham, nor turkey nor roast of any animal will be in sight. We're thinking vegetarian pizza with homemade ciabatta dough, cheese scones,
cucumber soup, eggplant tofu stack, vietnamese rolls, broccoli and apple tart a la chocolate & zucchini, risotto balls and prune cake to finish!

Don't you worry, we won't abandon you over Christmas and New Years. We'll be sending some of our special treats your way. Treats for your ears and eyes - thats the only clue you get. Only a few more days left till the giveaway closes so make sure you don't miss out!



Jacket: Replay
Dress: Vintage
Bike shorts: Zara
Hi tops: Converse


Emelie said...

I love your outfit! Verry great !

Kisses from France

Ponytail Girl said...

Seafoam color is great! Love the whole outfit. xx

Boheme Noir said...

Very cute & fresh outfit. The pastel looks fantastic on you (I`m actually wearing the exact same colour on my nails right now :)).

Merry Christmas!

Best, Jenny

Eden said...

amazing shots and love the tunic:)))

Sally said...

Love the delicate dress paired with relaxed shorts and sneakers, too cool.

Panda said...

This is s beautiful! Amazing photos, and such a fresh, pretty outfit. Im so jealous that you can run around in flimsy dresses without freezing to death like me :'( Gorgeous outfit! have an amazing christmas, and so sorry for being dodgy with comments, I've just done a new post so to make uo for it! panda xo

Néhémie said...

Love,love,love. Merry christmas by the way :)

Alecto said...

the color of your dress is beautiful. mint green is not something you see that often. and the stripes are such a pleasant surprise :-)

Alex said...

nice pictures.:D I like (Y)

Fashion Fabrice said...

love this outfit! adorable!:)
You have a great blog by the way! I am so happy i ran into it! It's a great read! Your posts are great and your style is amazing!
Im gonna follow you!
Hope you visit me back and become a follower:)
That would be amazing!


have a fabulous day!