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Monday, November 29, 2010





I know, I need a fringe trim, right? But really, I'm enjoying the wall I've created around myself, and being able to screen myself out, so maybe I won't. My skirt probably also needs an iron too, but really, I like it better now all crinkly than when it was all smooth and freshly ironed.

There's been so much spending temptation this weekend - online and off. We went to the Zambesi Scramble (a sample sale they were holding). If you guys haven't heard of Zambesi before, one of our previous posts at their A/W2011 would be a good taster of what they're about. They're actually one of our favourite New Zealand labels - just, we usually can't afford it. You should have seen us, going through these sales racks so thoroughly! You'll see the pieces here soon. But for now, a clue about the pieces we scored: mega 90's.

Finally get to share with you another version of chokers i've been making. I just fell in love with a certain little piece of Garnet, the hint of dark red that it glows, but otherwise it almost looks black. Here's a thought - would any of you be interested in a giveaway... say, with one of my chokers as the prize? It's been a while since we've done one here. And we're feeling festive, a lil' christmas-y. Just running it past ya. Let us know what you think.

crop top : vintage
apricot skirt : one half of mum's suit
jelly brogues : vintage
choker : made by me (accessoryofcrime.)


Dylana Suarez said...

The color of your skirt is so whimsical and soft. Really beautiful!


Angy said...

i love that apricot skirt! it's amazing!

Rina said...

i need a fringe trim too haha, i cant even see.

i love your hair cut !! lately im having big thoughts about cutting my hair like tao okamoto, im soo scared , i ahve my hair this long

haha dont know what to do..

lovely skirt !

Boheme Noir said...

Nice skirt. Lovely colour (reminds me of spring...and that it is 4 month away for me *sigh*)

classiq said...

The color of the skirt is so beautiful and soft!

Anonymous said...

I fully enjoy your outfit wrinkles, fringe, and all. I love how the simplicity of your outfit really pops which makes it a contradiction. Like a screaming mime. The color of your skirt is darling and I have to find something in the shade.

Emilie said...

I really like these two colors together!

The eleventh hour said...

Love the colour palette and the subtle contrast of texture on your top! Great outfit.

Jason said...

Excellent photos! Love the first 2 especially. Would you be able to do a close up of the chokers too...