Sudden Nostalgia

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Say good-bye to this hair. It was getting difficult - flopping around everywhere. Chop. Feeling more refreshed & unobstructed - ready for New Zealand Fashion Week, which starts tomorrow, by the way. We will be blogging our sights like mad this week, Follow us! and be prepared for daily updates (which - many of you may know, is not like us at all)!

Went to pick up our passes today, AND let's just say we got a sweet unexpected surprise.... BACKSTAGE! (still can't believe it...madly cleaning my lens right now.)

Been listening to Ash non-stop, for the last 3 days. The time before that was 8 years ago. Not that I really loved the songs that much. Maybe it captures a mood that just fits right now.

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Wool coat : Vintage
Cropped Jacket : Vintage
Printed Blouse : Vintage
Skirt : 80's hand-me-down

Creepers : Demonia


hannah said...

i love everything about this outfit- the layering, the colors, and it is just so autumn! you've got a great blog here :-)

Sarah said...

this is awesome, esp your skirt

Abi said...

Great outfit! Love the skirt tonnes

Have fun at fashion week!

h said...

woot! no longer under!
site's nice and cleancut ems, awesome

Ginta said...

polka dots/ mustard/ pleats - win, win situation here! :)


Hello there!

Thanks for your love! It is a real honor to be!!! and we are so far away, but we really share the fashion passion and I am also in love for all the beautiful scenes here...

all my kisses ang hugs,


Rebecca said...

I just adore your skirt, and after thinking about it for a couple of days I found a similar one in a charity shop (only it has much bigger circles). I was so excited!! You have a really sweet blog. I'll come back to visit again :)

le pearl said...

Shit girl you got some super style! Backstage NZFW? you got it so lucky <3

Thanks for your comment ages ago regarding my assignment. I have been so busy on it butI think I did well in both assigments :) cross my fingers for distinctions x