The dry spell after the rain.

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just something fresh after those fall looks from NZFW, it is spring here afterall.
Here's what I wore on the first day at fashion week. Full schedule. Untamable weather. Lugging heavy cameras and foot long lenses. We didn't manage to capture all our looks for the week but we tried our best.

This is me making the most of the wild Auckland weather - a proud moment to be accessorizing with umbrellas. Its ironic how this week is all sun, clear skies and happiness.

Off to Sydney for a wedding (and some vintage shopping?) in 5 hours. hmm... maybe we should start packing. Hope to update from there. Please, Australian readers! Drop us a lead of your favorite spots! I'm sure there's more to Sydney than Oxford St, Bondi & Darling Harbour.




Coat: Monki
Top: Lyric
Cullotes: Vintage
Clogs: Funkis
Stockings: Falke
Umbrella: $3 Japan Store


Charleston said...

one of the best personal style posts ive come across in a while x

Jenny said...

See-through plastic accessories remind me of American Psycho...

Damsels said...

this look is incredible because i feel like it looks like a little old lady from afar but the colors are amazignand the details are great .


Anonymous said...

nice combination of colours. A soft innocent vibe sends out when I see these images!

xx Diana

Nav said...

brilliant photo's!


Pachi Sánchez said...

Lovely style and cool photos!
Regards from Utopia blog!

Abi said...

Such a fresh look! I love the polka dot dress and pastel jacket!