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Sunday, September 19, 2010

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Dress: Stolen Girlfriends Club

I don't really need a new dress. I wasn't supposed to go to the SGC sample sale. It was one of those weekends when things just fall in place. Fell in love with the ruffles and subtle color straight away. It's mine.

Notice something else kooky going on here?? Where's the asphalt? The orange? The pink?
We've long outgrown our old blog-look but we're still the same girls just with new features!

* navigation

Spring-cleaned into the form of a navbar so its easier for you to find what you need and see what we do.

* search us

Not functioning yet but we'll get there. Any ideas why?

* directory

Unleashing the anticipated online store directory. We've collected all your links and more. These are places we love and wish to shop.

* friends & bloggers

Our old link list was getting a bit dusty. Now, here's one that's crammed with our favorite blogs and our greatest friends that keep us(and you) entertained for hours.

* 6 things

Ah, this is a totally new 'gig' on this blog. Both Emily & I will be updating this list with our six random things that tickle our fancy and bring us intrigue.

That's it aye? Stick around. Have fun. Click around. Hope you love it as much as we do.

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Clara said...

This is not a protest! This is a proclamation of how much I love the transformation.

Jenny said...


cool improvements!

I put your link back on - thanks for the link-exchange!

Best, Jenny

Lenne said...

I saw your store before I saw your main page, and I love them both! Will definitely visit again (:

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Congrats on the blog update! Everything looks great!