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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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This stiff rugged jacket would surely be in some of your 'not-so-cool' lists. But I dunno, something about it - it sings to me. Actually, it kinda looks like it could have come straight out of That '70s Show's wardrobe. But all that shearling, who could resist!

Snooping round the more out-of-bounds nooks and crannies of the store, I maneuvered my way round a few territorial mannequins, squeezed past several tight corners to find myself before the dark changing room(now used for storage) - right in front of this jacket. To be honest, I saw a flash of that hideous - deliciously hideous - orangy-tan suede from a far. I had to try it on. Though it looked a little big on the hanger. Fits like a glove - sits and snugs at all the right places. I later found out that this corner that I had been rummaging through is the shop's workspace for organizing new stock before it hits the racks.
I guess the rest is history.

Btw, we are still accepting links for any independent designer, etsy, ebay and blogger stores. Keep them coming and our directory will be up shortly. Also, thank you all for your encouraging words and support with our resurrected e-store. We really appreciate it so much and can't wait to bring you guys some more!

The music that has been soothing me in every situation lately. Chromatic Flights. Bonus is you can get 'Sunset Bell', their older album FREE from here.

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Jacket: Vintage
T: Acne Jeans
Pants: Zara
Sunnies: Cheap Monday


Bailey Hospodor said...


Documentary said...

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Clara said...

Saw this jacket on you a couple of posts ago and have been in lvoe ever since! SELL ITT!! haha

Perth Lawyers said...

Such a pretty and warm outfit

Wendy said...

I need a floral pants like yours :)
Beautiful photography and that vintage jacket adds a little uniqueness to the outfit combo.


Briana said...

great coat!


wow! Such a beautiful coat, you look amazing!!!


love the shades. very 60's.



Kelsey Genna said...

What a lovely blog!

I have a handmade label based in NZ, if you'd like you can add it to your directory-

kelsey xxx