nineteen ninety-eight.

Friday, August 27, 2010

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These two words may or may not explain my recent inspirations and perhaps a fragment of my perspective? Felicity re-runs. Airing 6:10PM and again at 12:30AM. I never realised until watching it again, how much I must have been influenced by it, growing up in the 90's - early 2000's.

OK so right about now, like any 'good' 'fashion' blog, I could go on (and on) about the fashion, the styling of the show, but no, we like to break some rules. I mean, it's really a given, Felicity will always be wearing her oversized knits and sweats, the boys in their flannel, chambray, cable knits. Lil' Julie with an ounce of grunge in florals and khaki, and Meghan a bit of 90's goth, on top of that add about half a tonne of prep and functionality + effortlessness pretty much sums up a regular day on set. In our times of excess such a world would innately be refreshing.

Back on topic, what I mean is, watching it again, it is most refreshing to have a show before me that isn't completely filled with scandal, manipulation and 'superficialness'. Compared to today's norms: conservative, ideal, pure-hearted, naive. Even the camera angles,the frames focus not on selling clothes and objects, but capture humans and life. How quaint.

Call me old-fashioned, conservative, idealistic, naive. But I mustn't be the only one thinking that a little of such influence from the youth of days past may be a good thing.

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Dress: Vintage
Hat: H+M
Bag: Vintage
- Market in Vienna
Shoes: DM

Socks: Gina Tricot


Sally said...

Love your pom-pom hat!


Gayle said...

Seriously, your photos are so beautiful! I love the lighting! Cute outfit too :)

-Gayle from

The Perpetrator said...

awesome socks! awesome shots!

Briana said...

great look! i love your hat and coat so much

stylista said...

I love your hat! Great photos!

wobblinbetty said...

these pics are beautiful and you look very pretty! love the nearly total white look!

ponyhunter said...

your photos are always so beautiful! i love those gina tricot socks.

HauteMangoGirl said...

pretty socks! ♥

Isquisofrenia said...

wow such a beautiful outfit! i really like how simple but very chic this is
the cherry on top those socks!!

WrenRennard said...

Beautiful photos, such soft pretty lighting x

Inez said...

Nice outfit! I really love those socks

Rich Hippie said...

i want to morph into you and stay asyou for the rest of my life.....i love your blog

le pearl said...

Cute photos, what cam you using? x

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