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Thursday, August 5, 2010

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This cape has been in our wardrobe for years. I used to find it just that wee bit loud. TANGERINE. PINK... Over these years, we have bonded and have come to a mutual understanding - its a staple piece. No. Its more than that. It's become my winter skin.

Okay, a cape may not be the most functional overgarment but,
  • its like having a blanket with you without having to fight to keep it on
  • no one will ever know what you're hiding underneath
  • you can swish around in the wind
  • having arms is optional
  • its easy to retract into the shell
  • you feel a little bit mysterious
  • and its fun

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    Cape: Vintage
    Shirt: Cheap Monday
    Shorts: Zara


    The Perpetrator said...

    im in awe with people who can find such special vintage pieces. i love that cape!

    Dylana Suarez said...

    The cape is beautiful!

    Maria said...

    The cape! It's so beautiful!

    enterrement vie de garçon said...

    Très belle cette cape, j'adore.


    Tessa said...

    the last photo is so beautiful!

    Mary Lee said...

    i really love these photos :) nice shorts