High tea in my attic.

Friday, August 6, 2010

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Today is my birthday and dear readers, you're all cordially invited to a tea party in my attic. We can sip fresh mint tea from dainty teacups, nibble on scones and sweet indulgences to our hearts content. There will be singing, we can play dress up too. All teddies and dollies are welcome.

If only time will stop and we can live in this childhood dream of having tea-parties with all our real and imaginary friends, old and new.

x Amanda


The Perpetrator said...

thats such a cute pic with al the interesting tea cups and tea pots. happy birthday! hope you have a great one! :)

Constance said...

I love all the tea pots/cups! Hope you had a great birthday x

Caumera Juanese said...

I would love to come to your tea party! I plan them all the time. I will never stop!!

Happy birthday!

Caumera Juanese

heather said...

<3 i use to collect tea sets when i was little. so, tea parties are quite nostalgic for me. love.


Audrey said...

Aww, the tea party pic is so cute!! Happy belated birthday!=)

Faux Naif said...

gorgeous photo.

i had a tea party for my sixteenth birthday.

A Shopaholic is loose said...

Oh, CONGRATULATION! Love your little "tea-party." ;-D

Have a wonderful day!

Hugs from
A Shopaholic is loose... ;0)


Trop Rouge said...

oh my gosh this is amazing

Anonymous said...

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