tea party with my floral posie

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Finally finished our cake decorating classes, we'll be sure to show you some of the fruits of that adventure. Definitely the most icing sugar I've touched or eaten in my life! And of course this was a call for an ant party at my house. These shots have been sitting around for a little while now, almost forgot how they looked. Compared to the weather right now, that was Spring!

These Topshop boots have been sitting under my bed new and untouched for the last six months. My excuse?? It just hadn't been cold enough for boots(?!). When did weather ever stop me from wearing what I want? By the way, after wearing them with this outfit and seeing how it just adds inches to my height, I'm now kicking myself for not wearing them sooner (or wearing them through all weathers).

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Knit: Mother's
Dress: Thrift
Boots: Topshop


the Citizen Rosebud said...

The proportions are just right in this outfit. The long sweater, but not too long, the wispy short swing of the dress that meets the loooong over the thigh amazingness that you call boots. Your long hair echo the length of the boots and contrast just so with the short hem of the dress. LOVELY!

Anna said...

This is so lovely! I have two pairs of thigh boots I found while thrifting and I still have no idea how to wear them! You wore perfectly.

vv said...

you look beautiful, as always!

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Bailey Hospodor said...

Love everything!


Caumera Juanese said...

So very cute!