Sunset + Rain + Carpark =

Friday, July 9, 2010

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Excuse our minor absence this week- don't panic we're still alive + kicking. Our explanation? It's a whole bunch of things:

- We're grieving the inevitable absence of a beloved hairdresser/friend (moving to another hemisphere (?!)).
- We've been baking our little hearts out to the wee hours, just for cakes to embellish the next day (cake decoration class).
- We are also currently working on our 'accessory of crime shop', which we will be breathing some life back into very shortly. Thanks for sticking with us. [heart] you all.

p.s. When I was lil' the older and wiser would tell me, if I went outside into the sunny rain, I would get sick, even more so than normal rain (?!). Have any of you been told myths about sunny rain too?

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Knit - COS
Shirt - Ralph Lauren

Shorts - vintage

Stockings - Columbine

Boots - H+M


Tessa said...

great outfit!

Alecto said...

these photographs are beauutiful.

Anonymous said...

寂寞又無聊 看到你的BLOG 加油喔!!..................................................................

Noelle Chantal said...

beautiful photo shoot with the rain. and as always you look so fine in this outfit. love the collared shirt with the huge cardi and pleated shorts -chic! :)

beba said...

God, these pictures are so beautiful!
I have never before heard any sunny rain myth.

Peace and love!


Caumera Juanese said...

I really love how these photos were taken! I have added your site to my must-read-daily list on my blog. Thanks for posting! I love it!

Caumera Juanese

Anna said...

I love these photos! The rain looks awesome! I was out playing in a rain storm at 3 in the morning a few weeks ago. I didn't get sick ;)

Tayler said...

I really love these photos. you have AWESOME style and i am jealous of that oversized sweater!

Emily said...

what great photos! I'm really lusting those boots! adorable :) First time to your blog- i'll def be back.


i love the fact that you always seem to play with the sunlight so well in the picture. it seems to be your signature style now, with all those movements and simple aesthetics.

ps. and thanks for your encouraging words. i was utterly depressed yesterday and i think i've found my answer. if things in a day job don't get any better, i'll just quit and do something that i prefer more. i totally feel like i am wasting my youth with the stupid routines i don't even crave for. i hope you find your path and pursue it soon. much love!
was having some senses telling me that you girls must be some kinds of something special. and i am too right for that. you both are hot.