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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

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Subconsciously ~ I swear ~ I must have been searching for a hat such as this for eons. The most essential characteristics: an upturned brim, that beautiful upside-down chin-dimple-like crown, and OMG in a size that fits (yess... they always tend to be too small and undersized for my tĂȘte..whatever that means). Unbelievably, the Men's section in Made in Berlin answered these ambitious hat-prayers!

And just incase you hadn't guessed how obsessed about this hat I must be:

After finding it in Berlin, I had recurring nightmares of the poor hat being squashed, sandwiched between a pair of wooden platforms (which will remain unnamed) and the Samsonite case into a form-less and life-less pulp. Alarmed by these premonitions, I came up with a plan: expensive DHL post. The only way to ensure my preciousss... would make it home unscathed, moreover, in padded luxury. Hm. The extent I go. Ashamed.

The pair of us take photos for each other on this blog. These photos were taken on a jetty in a recent windy Auckland day. It was so windy, and I feared for my dear hat so much that you'll notice, all through A's photos, I made her carry the hat... (what if it flew away off my head while I was taking the shots! I sure felt a strong upwards current under the wide brim, just a few moments and it'd probably be airborne..) and more than 2/3 of the shots on the camera turned up with me grabbing on to the hat for dear life. Need help?

p.s. these are some of the rare moments I wasn't holding on tight..

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Dress: COS
Thermal: Liberty NZ
Docs: DM
Hat: Vintage (from Berlin)


Dylana Suarez said...

Gorgeous gorgeous dress. And I love your shoes!

Damsels said...

that is such a beautiful menswear inspired look ! ilove how it looks head to toe. i jsut wish i could see a full body shot to get the full impact! i love it

Janice said...

I love the dramatic look of the photographs!!!
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