Wheel Of Fortune

Saturday, March 20, 2010

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Lace blouse: Vintage
Loafers: Vintage
Bolo tie: Vintage

Here's another one of the bolos from my new collection. I just love how these work, its like a tie but a necklace too. This one has a whole different feel to the shell one that i
wore last time. It's gold and feels very ethnic - kinda reminds me of a dream catcher. What shall I dream tonight?

BTW, thank you everyone who entered the fashion trivia and joined in on the fun. Everyone was spot on with the first four pairs (yay!) and the tricky last pair is by Balenciaga.
And now, the most important bit. The WINNER isssss ...*drumroll please*.......

Don't feel bad, we will have more fashion trivias in the future. It may be your day the next time round. ;)

EDIT Sorry! the rules are the rules.
All your names will be placed in a hat and the winner will be drawn...'. Maybe next time round we'll tweak it a bit?


Tayler said...

Gorgeous, do you mind if i use this in a collage for my blog?


Vali said...

How come Peta is the winner when she guessed the last pair was Proenza Schouler..?

Anonymous said...

I love the softness of this look. Simply beautiful. xo Mish

Girl_with_the_Mask said...

I love your blog! And that outfit is amazing!

xx Emily


Fashion Tidbits said...

gosh i love the colour of the dress!!!!

The Style Daydreamer said...

awesome blouse. very pretty!


STEFANIE said...

I just discovered your blog (through Francheska's) and it's instant love! Really loving it - I'm adding you to my blogroll right away!

Tessa said...

such beautiful outfits! i adore your blog!


i actually love your haircut. it is swell. mine is uncomparable - it is dead boring.