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Monday, January 18, 2010






Shirt: Vintage
Shorts: Country Rd
Boots: Vintage
Bolo: Vintage

Hurrah! We have just doubled our wardrobe space with my sister moving out recently. Of course, no, I'm sad she's gone - but my clothes are very happy. There's just much more room for the air to move around and for us to see every single piece of clothing. This blouse usually gets its place somewhere below two layers of jackets - pretty much forgotten. But I'd like to slowly ease myself into this land of 'one-hanger-per-item'. A little bit indulgent, I know, I think so too.

I found this vintage bolo recently, and I'm obssessed with them. Its just such a natural alternative to a necklace! I'm particularly obssessed with the freaky shell. Don't call the dept. of conservation on me now, but any guesses what kinda shell this might be? if its a shell at all.


LesMod'Amour said...

Gorgeous boots and Necklace ! Congratulations to you and your sister :-)

The Sound of Lace said...

Oooh I love the girly top with those shorts!!

Anna said...

Ooh I really love your look. It seems to suit you so perfectly, and I'm in love with that bolo/necklace! Gorgeous.

- Anna Jane xxx

farisita said...

you just reminded me, I want a silky top

Emily said...

Your boots are fantastic, great pics!

camerafilmroll said...

I love your top! It looks so flow-y and feels so comfortable! (:

Erica said...

very chic and classy top! and beautiful necklace


Anonymous said...

The entire look is perfect. xo Mish

fadetoblack said...

wooowww these are sooo pretty!!

ROBINE said...

Fantastic, likes it really really much!

cocorosa said...

loveeee the outfit and loveeee these photos!!! perfect!

Walk The Sand said...

Awesome outfit. LOVE the shirt and the bolo.
Great colour mix.

Second Star to the Right said...

great macros! beautiful shots(: