follow the yellow brick road

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thank you lil Tom* for wearing these cherry docs in for me. You know how I hate the new-doc look and feel - so tough against the feet. Swiped these off a local trading site, secondhand (or third). Just the way I like em'.

Truth is, Auckland in the New Years is pretty dead. Everyone leaves the city for our coastlines. So in the metropolis, we have less than average fireworks, quiet streets, favorite cafes - closed and surcharges on all the ones that are open. Oh and not to mention,
surcharge on ice-creams too!! A crime we all know. Good thing that's over, I was growing slightly more depressed every second, remembering our insane time in Madrid during New Years last year.....

* = name was changed in the writing of this post due to privacy reasons





Dress: Vintage
Boots: Docs
Socks: f21


Dylana said...

Gorgeous dress! And those boots rock!

verseastyle said...

cute docs! I used to have a pair just like them and can only imagine they are in the depths of my sisters closet..... somewhere ha ha ha

Posh said...

Great look, love the Dr. Martens! <3

fashiiondiaries said...

you look stunning , and funny pictures too!

Birgit said...

classy & tough! Love it, & thank you for your sweet comment at my blog :)

Love birgit

f1ab said...

ive been wanting a pair of cherry docs for agesss! and yes totally agree with a new pair of doc's looking too innocent, the more worn in, the better. they look fantastic! congrats!

divine bunny said...

follow the yellow brick road. my moto! (well dorothys)

love docs and your red ones especially!