the leopard stamp

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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Jacket : Vintage
Top: COS
Skirt : Topshop
Wedge : Ashish x Topshop

It's about time that i broke into these wedges. They are seriously like hoofs!! how bout that..getting in touch with my animal instincts. Its been months since i got these but i do still like to pet and stroke the leopard. They're alright to walk in - if you'd like to know- They're alright to jump in. but no way in hell(!!) would i choose to walk down a red carpet - or any carpet at that in them. I'd sure trip up.

p.s. this is the current length of skirt i- hunt, hunt, HUNT FOR!!


cocorosa said...

oh wow!!! they are sooooo high haha :) love them and love how you wear them :) :)

Francheska said...

this is AMAZING!!!!!!!im obsessed with long skirts and dresses atm!

You guys are SO freaking stylish!
Do you want to answer a few questions so I can feature you on my blog? x

S. said...

Wow! Love it! I whis i could wear your wedges!

Ivy said...

I love these boots and rarely do I see them paired up with an outfit in a way that really impresses me. You have totally impressed me. I love the length of your skirt, plus the boots with the moto skirt. AH! SO GOOD.