...its really a no brainer.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I've been going crazy running around comparing prices for tealights, votives, candelabras, ribbons, silk petals, organza and what-not... serious wedding-prep fever is in this house!

Sleep deprived and distracted, the thesis is shifting at a speed of "0.1mm/s" (tediously slow) and alternating with "not at all". Well that's the update of the week. Anyone else finding the loss of Daul Kim hard to take, like harder and closer to home than Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger? I won't dwell any longer. Time to get back to Mad Men...
then thesis work.

P.S. The creepers are becoming one of my serious go-to shoes, like - height + grounded + comfort...need i ask for anything more? So i'm taking these mad mad shoes (do 'click', its really worth it!) into consideration and maybe sending a search party for them. As Susie of Stylebubble may probably say "aye" to : Is one pair of Creepers really enough??






All thrift except:
Leggings: Kova & T
Shoes: Demonia


Faridah said...

Love it! The layers, the leggings, the shoes, so cool.

gemma said...


ive been looking for that length blazer for like ever!

still searching! sigh!


wekilledCOUTURE. said...

im waiting for my creepers to arrive from ebay.
its taking so insanely long to have them shipped!

outfit looks great

Ashley said...

Love the military-esque jacket!


Feelmore said...

Oh wow, congrats! And good luck with all the prep, I can only imagine - I have major respect for anyone who can handle all the decision making! I panicked and went to Vegas, decision making not being my strong suit... the fam is still pissed lol.

Love the soft draping going on here!

A.n.E said...

Thanks guys, we very much appreciate your comments!

Feelmore: haha sometimes I think maybe eloping would be the most sane way to go.. I really wouldn't know cuz I still think I'm much too young to get hitched. The one getting wedded is a dear elder sibling and I'm running around just to help out.

Pennerad said...

really love this. i like the loose ease of it.

Gerri Ward said...

OMG! YOU are solely CHIC!:))

Lori said...

i loooveee the jacket!!!

G.lam said...

Luvs the Napoleon/MJ jacket this season. but i like how the material of the jacket in ur pics is soft and hangs more. More casual ~ <3 s ;)


Anika said...

I am horribly against the awful, awful creeppers. Gahhhh. But yet, you make them wearable. On you...I'm not willing to touch that ;)

Looking fab, lady!

Carolina. said...

I loved the jacket and the legging.


Krimly said...

You look gorgeous!!!


Anonymous said...

I have the same shoes!!!!! I love them