Sunday, November 29, 2009


Its been such a hectic week! Baking lavender cake; trying to make boutonieres; going crazy over leather cords and ribbons in ike's emporium; seeing an old chemistry teacher's band, Bressa Creeting Cake, reunite in a lovely gig; and Mojitos galore. But the Facehunter Party in Auckland was definitely one of the highlights. Thanks to Designer Direction for organizing the whole event and Melody + Lou for getting us on the door at the last minute. Though this is not our usual scene, it was definitely a buzz meeting Yvan, and a collective of "chic" Aucklanders showing off their wares - who were (mostly) unknown to us. These above snaps are the ones that stood out the most to us (minus a few that had to be edited out cuz of the dim lighting, even though we loved the looks so).
The Multicoloured Knit. The Wide Brimmed Hat. The Beautiful Head of Red. The Chainmail Vest.

Enjoy. We did.


Pearl Westwood said...

The chainmail vest is amazing!!

MissVintage said...


Nice pic's and that chainmail vest is AWESOME! It's from Lan's end of year Rookie collection from last month!

Check out the rest of her amazing collection on Designer Direction if you want :)

Thanks for the shout out too, much appreciated.


Faridah said...

Awesome outfits!!!

Feelmore said...

Oh wow, seems like you had an incredible time! How cool is that to see and old chemistry teacher's band! You definitely did well documenting some amazing ensembles, I must say... :)

Shannon said...

The chain vest is amazing. In love.

Anika said...

So much eye candy, I don't know where to look. I love it all. Droooool.

Me likey.

And hey, a lil' social somethin-sumthin' is always good right ;)

Hope you're having a great one!

eveline fashion-diary said...

great blog!
i'm waiting for new post :)

Eleanor said...

The chain vest is insane! Nice pictures

Anonymous said...

More photos here:

Solo said...

Wow! Cool outfits! Thanks for sharing these awesome photos. ;D

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Gerri Ward said...

OMG! What a FABULOUS vest, it's fashionably a conversation piece! I LUV it and WANT it!:))

Lite Damage said...

im another fan of the chain vest. good stuff.

le pearl said...

my oh my thanks for sharing and going to that trouble babe. Sorry to hear Amanda is going, will you both still update the blog as much?