NYC: Pavements at Bowery

Saturday, October 31, 2009





jacket: Zara
top: H + M
jeans: Topshop
boots: H + M

necklace : vintage

It's painful to be jet-lagged whilst spending 3.5 hours at the hairdressers. The hair has reached a point where it is forever looking greasy, flat and streaky. It's time for a comb and for some magic touch from the pros!

Even though they have the best mags around and a complimentary Hershey's kiss for the sugar kick. Vogue Paris September and October, Pop mag and more... Why is it that all i wanna do is just 'rest' my eyes -just for a second...or longer?

The photos are by Celia from A fraction of fashion taken at Bowery. It was a sweet day out with the girls, Celia and Chantal post some topshop raiding, drinks from Nolita and mega munchies from a Cuban shack. Boy, do i miss those fire hydrants and yellow cabs! even the frequent sounding sirens.


Anika said...

Love your outfit, and the whole NY background :)

Glad you're having such a ball!

g2bhapi26 said...

i love your style!
i especially love the necklace in this outfit