Adore la Lanphear

Sunday, October 25, 2009



I'm currently obsessed with Lanphear's daring locks. well its really been an evolving obsession. first with long fringy bits a la Freja ... then with shaved hair then to the undercut.... I wonder, if one tracks the images that ones eyes are drawn to and Zombie-ishly saving to the desktop... there must be messages the idle eyes & hands are telling us... P.s.i'm also currently awfully drawn to Daul Kim's bleach blondie days...cryptic... wonder what next. Dare?


Krystal said...

shes so gorgeous, and super nice...great shots! x

Summer said...

Cool shots! Love her look. =D

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Feelmore said...

That's the haircut I keep trying to insist that my sister get! Her excuse is that it's not good for business school... I'm not buying it. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.