Nightmare on Kane St.

Saturday, September 26, 2009




Our Kane dreams are CRUSHED! These dreamy Kane for TOPSHOP mesh shoes arrived, yes, but alas... Is it just us and our narrow feet? Or is there a serious design flaw in the otherwise amazing shoes. Serious issues walking in them... or even keeping our feet in them. The shoes have these hot large heel cutouts in mesh- purely too flimsy to keep its form. So the saga between us and the shoes ends here. We'll be returning them A.S.A.P. Sorry Chris.. : (

O.K, so if you flick through our recent posts- it does seem like all we've been up to is spending- particularly at, and well - not much wearing at all. But you'll be glad that hasn't been the case - we promise.. some outfit posts for your viewing pleasure very very shortly.

Oh & this week is New Zealand Fashion Week.
Though our networking skills are truly not up to par = a shortage of invites to the fashion shows
(we're working on's ok, we are open for invites for next year ;) ), we will however be going to the Open to Public shows this weekend- tickets compliments of


Romeika said...

These shoes are so fierce, but I'd have a hard time walking..I'm more a middle heeled sort of girl.

re:thank you:)

Pearl Westwood said...

Thats such a shame, I loved the rivet boots but the insane heels were never going to work for me! Seriously Kane - sort it out!!!

Karla said...

:( they look amazing though!


clo said...

ohhh you are sooo lucky!! so so jealous!! these shoes are amazing!!

Samantha Smikle said...

i'm in love love love with these! french connection also has a mesh/leather heel. need mesh footwear in my life!! :)