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Sunday, September 27, 2009






Vest: NOM*D
Top: liberty nz
Shorts: levis
Boots: Topshop

I'm not sure exactly when these were taken? but it must have been over a month now... i know.. it's just not good enough ;) you probably can tell, i don't usually do bright colors. this is one exception. what can i say! the silk got me - the drape, the kimono-feel and most importantly the great price. Here's our lil bit on the NZ fashion scene.
NOM*D is one of more established NZ designers that you can count on each season. Trust them to find new creative ways to deconstruct and play with drape and form. They consistently have a dark street image in their pieces. it appeals very much. And here's a video footage of their a/w 2010 collection.

Source: NOM*D, frontrowdiary


Jowy said...

Thos tights and especially those boots are freakin HOT!

One Love,

Anika said...

Love this look....fierce!

And shame about the Kane mesh heels...I thought they were fu*khot! Was even planning to perhaps purchase...

thanks for the heads up ")

p.s. love nom d. I'm certainly impressed by the quality of NZ designers...fab!

Anonymous said...

loving the shoes! great outfit...

Leah said...

Yay, I have discovered yet another NZ blogger. Down at the bottom of the world.. We have to stick together.. LOVE the vest. Nom*D rocks my life.

clo said...

great bootiess!! y love the studded heel!